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myTravel Pillow is your must-have especially when you are traveling long distances.  Do you remember how many times have you had an awful trip just because you were not able to rest well because of poor posture that you cannot do anything about? As much as you would want to sleep comfortably, your space is limited for you only have a seating capacity that is not capable of sleeping horizontally. It has been widely known to use a neck pillow to help you fall asleep while you travel without having to deal with pain and discomfort. With this, you should be getting the best of the best and never settle for anything else. Sleep & Beyond offers a great travel pillow that you could bring with you anywhere. The myTravel Pillow is your go-to pillow when you go for a travel. Never have to worry about neck pains or anything uncomfortable for you will be able to sleep peacefully with this without having to deal with any discomfort as you wake up. You will be waking up feeling refreshed and pain-free with this pillow around your neck.

myTravel Pillow is your best pillow for traveling

Wherever you go, make sure you bring myTravel Pillow along with you. This pillow provides necessary benefits to your body such as health, support, and comfort. This pillow has an excellent neck support and can be adjusted according to your own liking. The purchase of this comes in a high loft fill. You may open the zipper and take off wooly puffs according to your desired fullness to have a firm, medium, or soft pillow. It is totally up to you! You will be able to fully maximize your money’s worth and get to enjoy a fully customized pillow made just for you!

myTravel Pillow makes your travel enjoyable!

If you are too worried about bringing a travel pillow only to find out that you will be pouring sweat all over it and it can get too embarrassing, the myTravel Pillow is here to save the day. This pillow helps to eliminate overheating for the Wool helps to control moisture and has great ventilation so you will not be having a hot time using this. You will have a great time using this for you will be fully-rested as you arrive at your destination and you will not have to deal with any pains or discomfort for this has got you covered!

Final Verdict

If you are a frequent traveler or you just have a long trip waiting ahead of you, a purchase of myTravel Pillow will never hurt! This pillow is designed for maximum comfort and breathability so you do not have to deal with sweats as you travel. This is also customizable according to your own preference so you are sure to be loving how this sits on your shoulder. You may choose it to be firm, medium, or soft. Anything that you like can be done with this pillow. Say hello to a great and comfortable trip with this pillow!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Can be adjusted


Made from Wool


May not be for everyone

May have a faint scent

No color options