Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution

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About 50 percent of all men and 25 percent of all women snore worldwide. The age is completely irrelevant, and the problem occurs in all age groups. However, middle-aged people and seniors are particularly affected.

The Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution is intended to prevent all this by simply clipping it to the nose bridge before going to bed. The application is therefore very simple and should not be a problem for anyone. In this respect, the magnetic nose clip is suitable for any snoring person who suffers from it or steals sleep from others, such as his partner.

People who have been suffering from snoring for years, maybe even their whole lives, will find it hard to believe the Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution’s promise. The small, horseshoe-shaped silicone part is supposed to ensure that snoring is greatly reduced or even completely prevented. A dream, some will think.

The promise of the Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution is quietly understandable, not only with regard to the study result. It seems very logical that snoring is reduced if the nostrils are opened a little wider and more air gets into the airways.

How does Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution work?

Many people suffer nocturnal snoring and even severe respiratory distress, the so-called sleep apnea. Mostly men who have these problems and most of them do not know anything about their problems. The Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution is the solution to your snoring problems that look like a piercing that you have to push in your nose. It is lightweight and made of soft eco-friendly silicone gel. The two ends that you push in your nose have two small magnets so that the ring in your stays neat and does not slip or fall off during the night. In addition, these magnets stimulate your nerves in your nose and help open your nasal cavities to allow more oxygen to breathe.

The ring in your nose is almost imperceptible and lets you just go to sleep without being able to fall asleep through a nasty part of your nose.

The Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution maintenance

You need to maintain and clean your nasal device after every use. This device comes with a small shelf pot in which you should place it after every use so that it does not get dirty. The device is easy to clean and can be used again and again.

It is manufactured using silicone gel and is environmental-friendly. It is also lightweight. The small magnets at the end of the ring are also lightweight and help you sleep peacefully. They help open up the nostrils, thereby allowing air to pass through the passage and the nasal cavity. The nasal cavity remains open and does not close when you are in a deep sleep. When the nasal cavities are open, there is no snoring since air can pass through easily. As your ability to sleep better, your health problems come to an end.

The Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution quality

The Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution advertises on its website that its magnetic nose clip was the winner of the “Natural Healthcare Awards 2018” in 2018. the T10Healthcare Awards 2018 justified this decision by saying that Stop Snore can be the perfect solution for anyone who snores at night. The combination of acupressure and magnetic therapy would help stop snoring. Therefore, it was ultimately named a “great device for all walk of life and ages”.

Due to its size and lightweight, which is due to the silicone that makes up the magnetic nose clips, it is no wonder Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution is so comfortable to wear. A buyer of the Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution even things he won’t notice when he wears the magnetic nose clips because it is so incredibly light. At the same time, and this is, of course, the main argument for the magnetic nose clip, the snoring stopper widens the nostrils so that more air can be inhaled.

This also seems to be confirmed by some customer reviews. Most buyers are completely enthusiastic about the Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution. One even reported that the snoring was already on the first night clearly quieter and less snoring. Further, the customers are inspired by the net by the prices. Especially because other anti-snoring products such as Nasal Strips would cost significantly more in the long run.

Is Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution comfortable?

Some people think that putting something into their nose will feel comfortable, and will stop them from falling asleep as easily. This is not the case. The Neomen Upgraded Anti Snoring Solution is not intrusive and fits comfortably in your nose. Because of the therapeutic magnets, it won’t fall out and will stimulate the sensory nerves which can lead to a peaceful night rest.

The silicone ring is soft, light when in use and will vastly improve your breathing in the night.



Editor's Pros & Cons


Improves quality of sleep

Fits any shape of nostrils


Soft and comfortbale to wear during sleep

Does not fall off easily due to the small magnets


May be uncomfortable the first few nights, it is something that you have to get used to