Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask

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Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask is a mask that uses a bright light therapy. It is a technique that can treat individuals that has circadian rhythm or body clock problems, mood disorders, and sleep disorder. The light therapy can reset the internal body clock because the time that is exposed to bright light has cause bio-chemical that changes the body and brain which influences among other things and the release of melatonin so also the darkness hormone, it’s very important to have a healthy sleep. The bright light therapy usually uses the light box which is the standalone bright light source that sits in front of you. Neuroon uses the two LEDs that are built into the mask which means you will enjoy the benefits you get from the light therapy wherever you are.

Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask has a Biometric Sleep Sensors

Neuroon has its array of sophisticated bio-sensors. Almost sleep applications and activity or sleep trackers usually rely on a single matric in order to gather the sleep data. However, the measuring body moment called actigraphy is the right metric to determine fitness and activity. When talking about measuring sleep architecture, it’s a dull tool. Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask is the sleep tracker that offers some of the metrics that you will normally encounter in the clinical sleep laboratory only. Also, it incorporates the pulse oximeter to measure, temperature sensors plus the sleep tracking device, electrodes to measure electrical activity in the brain, eyes, and muscles.

Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask Design

This sleep mask is made from memory foam as it features a cutaway section for the smart pack to be inserted conveniently. It is a simple and effective solution but there’s no way that can secure the smart pack into the mask because if it’s not kept upright then it will fall out. Perhaps a simple Velcro fastener would be enough in this case. Even if this sleep mask is thick than the average sleep mask but it is soft, firm and breathable that’s comfortable to sleep with. There is a fabric exterior that has a cool geometric design that is attached in front of it and the strap is adjustable.

Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask has a Smart pack

Most of the electronics are housed in the smart pack. There is a circuit board that will separate over the three finger-width sections that were joined by the ribbon cable that’s flexible. The neat solution provides the electronic brain which has a certain amount of flex if it is strapped in your head that gives comfort as well as protection. Its electronics are encased in the squidgy, soft to touch, luminous silicon housing that provides more protection. It means there are no jagged edges or have a hard surface everywhere. Its silicon material provides a smart pack that’s a skin-like and have organic feeling upon using it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and portable

Easy to clean

Customizable fit and breathable


Uncomfortable side-sleeping