Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket

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Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket is a great add-on to your bedroom especially if you have trouble sleeping at night. Do you remember how many times have you had trouble sleeping at night? All those times wherein you just cannot sleep. You just lay on your bed staring at the blank ceiling and look at the clock and it is already past 12 o’clock and you kept on counting how many hours of sleep you are still going to have if you sleep at this very moment but those numbers just keep on counting down as you stay awake for longer hours making it seem to be impossible to sleep at the very moment. As frustrating as it can be, maybe the problem is just on your bedroom and you just need to improve some things that you already have like your blanket. Have you considered having a weighted blanket? If you don’t, we suggest you have an open mind and purchase a great one like Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket. This is one of our most recommended weighted blanket that is sure to put you to sleep soundly.

Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket has great features

The Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket is expertly crafted to help you fall asleep faster while getting improved sleep throughout the night. The weighted blanket delivers great all-natural sleep by simulating the gentle sensation of being held to encourage deep, healthy, restful sleep. Say goodbye to restless nights and difficulties falling asleep! You will fall in love with this blanket, sleep, and life! The weighted blanket is made of 100% high-density organic cotton, soft and hypo-allergenic, filled with non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly glass beads. The all-natural material is healthy for the skin and body and beneficial for the entire family.

Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket helps you fall asleep

According to their descriptions, you may get a full night of relaxing sleep with the Nova Weighted Blanket. Designed to help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of sleep. With a soft and comforting feel, the weighted blanket is said to create similar felling to a hug and aid you in falling asleep faster and entering a beautiful dreamland! Now you can sleep like a baby through the night and wake up in the morning feeling well-rested. Those who have difficulty sleeping may notice a world of difference after the first night! You will surely fall in love with the Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket, sleep and life. Never have to sleep lonely again!

Final Verdict

People are loving their purchase of Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket. They have never slept the same way ever again! With the help of Nova’s technologies, it is sure to help them to fall asleep soundly at night making them be more energized during the day and puts them in a better mood especially with the full hours of sleep they are finally getting with the help of this weighted banket. If you are tired of sleepless nights and want a full night’s of sleep, we recommend to get your hands on to Nova Microdermabrasion Weighted Blanket and you will never forget it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Natural cotton fabric

Unique sewing technology

Uniform weight distribution

Glass beads


May not work for everyone

No other color options

Not recommended for travelling