Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine

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Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine is your new bedside buddy. Do you remember purchasing tons of sound machines but nothing just seemed to work? You have already gone from purchasing from the cheapest ones up to the most expensive ones. You have spent sp much from these machines that you are already stocking up your house full of “useless” sound machines. Worry no more for Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine is here to the rescue! Save your extra bucks with this sound machine and you’ll never purchase any other sound machine -ever! Save money and space for this is a high-quality sound machine that is worth every penny.

Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine lets you customize your tunes

How many times have you purchased a sound machine that just cannot get the sound right? We know how frustrating it is when you thought that the sound machine is deeply relaxing for its price but it just cannot get the sound right. Good thing is that Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine is here. You can freely customize your sounds according to your preference. It involves acoustic housing and 10 immersive natural sound, Freely combination of tones for a personalized sound environment, such as ‘brook & bird’, ‘cricket & frog’, You can combine between these sounds such as Cricket, brook, bird, lullaby, frog, white noise, ocean, fireplace, ticktack, and thunderstorm. You can mix and match which sound works best for you. You no longer have to purchase different sound machines in the search of the perfect tune when this Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine helps you solve that problem. You can create the craziest mix and who knows, your calming sound might be entirely unique and this sound machine is the only one who can solve that problem.

Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine helps to improve your sleep

Listening to different kinds of music or noises has been proven to help people fall asleep faster and better at night. The main functionality of Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine is providing s spa machine that helps people who listen to it be relaxed. It offers various kinds of tune that can be customized according to each’s preference. You may also use this a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your sleep music through this machine. It also has a USB plug so you could also charge up your phone and place it on top with its anti-slip rubber mats to help you save space. Set this to timer mode so you do not have to worry about this machine running up all night.

Final Verdict

People are enjoying Olago Mixed Sound Sleep Spa Machine. It has helped them sleep better at night and it loved the idea of being able to customize and mix & match different tunes. It has helped them to be more relaxed and at peace knowing that it has a timer option so they can be ensured that it will not be running all not when not in use and will avoid overheating of the machine. If you are tired of buying sound machines that don’t work, give this last one a try and you’ll never regret it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Customizable tunes

Bluetooth speaker

Timer options

Rubberized top panel for anti-slip


May not work for everyone

No volume remembering feature

Might be troublesome mixing tunes