OOLER Sleep System

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OOLER is the latest product innovation from Chili Technology, leaders for over a decade in cooling and heating systems for your bed. Founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Todd and Tara Youngblood, the company’s first product, the Chilipad, a water-based-system consisting of a control unit and a mattress pad lined with thin circulation tubes, was the first truly convenient and efficient consumer device for accurate and reliable temperature regulation for beds.

Over the years, Chili Technology’s products have gained support and endorsements from a range of celebrities, pro-athletes and health advocates including productivity guru Tim Ferriss, Ben Greenfield, Wellness Mama Katie Wells, pro basketball player P.J Tucker and more.

The OOLER Sleep System features

Core temperature is one of the key biological factors for ensuring good quality sleep. Sure, you could just buy an electric blanket, a fan, or install an AC unit in the bedroom, but OOLER has lots of additional benefits over these simpler solutions.

First off, cooling and heating using a water-based system is much more thermally efficient than air cooling, which means heat transfer between your body and the OOLER’s mattress pad is much less likely to be affected by things like ambient room temperature.

An AC unit works by bringing affecting the climate of the whole room, so to reach a target temperature, it is good to be working much harder, and hence using power and energy. An electric fan will just circulate air at room temperature so there is no active cooling happening at all.

The OOLER Sleep System is also beneficial if your bed partner has different temperature needs at night. Maybe you like the bed toasty, but your partner suffers from night sweats or hot flashes. With a dual sleeper configuration, OOLER Sleep System brings independent temperature control for both sides of the bed.

Overall, OOLER Sleep System main benefits derived from being able to precisely pinpoint a bed temperature that works best for you, in a convenient, reliable manner, and with the added benefits of smart features like app control, scheduling, and simple everyday use.

The OOLER Sleep System designs

The OOLER Sleep System is designed to keep you cool at night by circulating water through a hydronic pad placed on the top of your mattress. The control unit cools the water coming from the pad, sending it back out at the temperature you specify. The control unit has a small display on the op that shows the current temperature of the pad, along with a Bluetooth connectivity icon and if needed, a water refilling warning light. It also allows you to increase or decrease the set temperature with the plus and minus button to the right of the display.

Most of the interacting that you would do with the system will be through the app. The app is in beta and available only through Apple Testflight. The main screen is where you will interact with the most important feature of OOLER, the temperature setting. You will see the current temp of the pad and be able to adjust between 55 and 110 degrees. You can also change the fan speed from silent to regular to boost.

The OOLER Sleep System scheduler allows you to set the start and stop time of the control unit and what the temperature of the pad should be when you go to bed and wake up. Initially, we set the sleep temperature to 60 degrees and the wake-up temperature to 80. The setting menu along the bottom of the screen allows you to access general maintenance functions such as password resets, OOLER support, firmware update, and set up instructions. The gear icon on the main screen allows you to turn off the display light, remove or rename a device, enter a deep cleaning mode and display general device information and logs.

How to set up the OOLER Sleep System

If you can change the sheets on your bed, you can set up the OOLER Sleep System. The pad comes with two elastic bands that wrap from the top and bottom, allowing you to secure it to your mattress. This minimizes the extent to which the pad will shift if you are someone who moves around a lot at night. You then attach the two hoses connected to the pad to the back of the control unit. They seat firmly in the unit and you will know they are connected when you hear a click. Once this is done, you fill-up the control unit with water. You then turn on the control unit and allow it to cycle the water through the pad. Once the control unit has circulated a few minutes, you have to add more water. Aside from connecting the optional app to the control unit via Bluetooth, that is all you need and you are ready to give it a try and find the temperature that you prefer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Consistent and accurate all night temperature regulation for your bed

Noticeable improvements in subjective sleep quality

Schedule temperature changes throughout the night

Variable fan setting for noise control

EMF-free, no radio frequencies emitted at night

Maintenance free

UV-light cleaning system

IFTTT integration with Alexa, weather services and more


Silent mode is not really silent

Not dedicated remote control