Orchid and Temple Lavender Essential Oil

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Orchid and Temple Lavender Essential Oil is pure, natural, therapeutic grade, undiluted, and bottled in the USA. Every purchase of the lavender essential oil is packed in an amber glass bottle with a dropper so that you may choose to transfer it into your own bottle. This also comes with a free travel roller so that you may bring it during your travels and everywhere you go! Orchid and Temple Lavender Essential Oil uses real extracts from the lavender plant to ensure that you are getting the purest and the highest of quality in every bottle you purchase. Lavender is known to help people fall asleep for its calming aroma that relaxes your mind and body in guiding it to fall asleep faster and calmly.

Orchid and Temple Lavender Essential Oil is multipurpose

This product has a calming scent that can be used for multiple purposes. You may mix a drop or two in your bath to let the aroma diffuse in the water and for you to get a better smell of it resulting in making your bath an enjoyable and relaxing bath, yet. With its calming scent, this also serves as anxiety and stress reliever. It has aromatherapy like never before. It calms your body and your mind in helping you to be in a good mood throughout the day. Making it therapeutic, it also relieves headaches with a small scent of this Orchid and Temple Lavender Essential Oil. You may massage this to your body making sure that it is mixed with a carrier oil for that smooth and balanced scent that is not to be too overpowering for some people. As this is a multipurpose product, its lavender scent is a natural scent that helps people fall asleep faster and more relaxed.

Orchid and Temple Lavender Essential Oil helps you fall asleep

Lavender is known for the fact that it helps people to fall asleep for its unique calming qualities. There are multiple scents out there in the market that people find calming and thus helping them fall asleep but the majority of these people opt to choose lavender over any other cent for its most effective calming abilities. When our body and mind are calm and relaxed, it makes it free form stress and anxiety making your mind to relax and not function too hard while you are trying to sleep. A busy mind is a sleepless body. Do yourself a favor a help your body fall asleep because everyone needs a rest.

Final Verdict

Cruelty-free customers are loving this product. It’s almost difficult for everyone to find a product that is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and GMO-free. They have high praise with how this is safe and effective for them with every use. They love the mini travel roller for they can easily stack it up in their purse without making it too bulky so they can use it everywhere they go. Many users are loving with how their customer service is so efficient and helpful which is a common problem when purchasing items online. If you are an essential oil person, give this Orchid and Temple Lavender Essential Oil a try and experience your most calm self, yet.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Multipurpose Oil




Made from an actual lavender plant


Might be too strong

Doesn't last long

Not a real potent