OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask

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OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask is your new companion every time you want a complete blackout when you try to fall asleep. You do not need to worry about traveling far especially to those places with different time zones for you will have an easy time conquering jetlags for this reasonably large sleep mask. You can just simply pop this into your eyes and say goodbye to sleepless nights and say hello to your dreamland and wake up refreshed and energized to start the day right. This OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask has a unique design that is custom made to be an aid in helping you to sleep better at night without all of the problems you are experiencing with your current sleep masks.

OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask is made for comfort and travels

This sleep mask provides plenty of space for your eyes and eyelashes, allowing your eyes to blink freely and never touching your eyelashes or eyelids or even your eye makeup, and it does not exert pressure. This allows you to freely blink your eyes as you wear this to sleep. You no longer have to worry about you being uncomfortable as you wear this OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask. This sleep mask has a fitted nose design that ensures that no light will peep through your eye mask. This has an upgraded nose bridge design to create an absolutely dark rest zone, effectively blocking lights but ensuring a comfortable fit. This OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask has the most scientific material design! The inner is made of 100% pure cotton, super-soft to protect your eyes. Made with premium memory foam, it is slow to rebound and not easy to deform.pure cotton blackout fabric, perfectly block out light. The outer is made from 100% Polyester, very breathable and comfortable. This is to ensure you are getting the most out of your purchase!

OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask has a unique design that helps you fall asleep

The OriHea innovative design on the nose section with art invisible foam, preventing any type of light whether bright or brightest, creating total darkness for the light sleeper. The OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask is made of natural non-toxic nylon, soft and healthy. It is also breathable to allow healthy oxygen in. For those suffering from insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eyes, this large sleeping mask is a great relief and will help you get into sleep more quickly.

Final Verdict

People are enjoying their purchase of OriHea 3D Plus Large Sleep Mask. It has indeed a unique design that is not common for your usual sleep mask but it indeed works! They no longer have to suffer from buying different kinds of sleep masks when the light just peeps right through it. With its unique design that is designed for comfort and avoids light leakage to maximize users’ comfort and effectiveness to help them have a better sleep at night. If you are annoyed with sleep masks with light leakage, this is the right mask for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Unique design

Avoids light leakage

Wide design that lets your eyes blink

Adjustable strap


May not work for everyone

Not the best for side sleepers

Nose adjustments may not be for everyone