Peaceful Pals – Calvin the Weighted Calming Turtle

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A few kids can’t sleep without their favorite pillow or stuffed toys beside them even if it smells bad due to not washing it for a long time. They would cry if moms will wash it, funny but it’s true. Moms would put big stuffed toys in their bedroom, a human-size in which they can hug it while sleeping. Even adults have their own favorite pillow beside them for they find comfort lying on it as it helps them fall asleep faster. These Peaceful Pals – Calvin the Weighted Calming Turtle is designed for little boys and girls.

Peaceful pal – Calvin the Weighted Calming Turtle a must-buy for your kids

SensaCalm has a new Peaceful Pals that most kids would love for sure. I am referring to Peaceful Pals – Calvin the Weighted Calming Turtle, a weighted stuffed animal that measures 5 lbs and 3 lbs. Children can use this as a lap pad and a perfect match to the weighted blanket or can be a good alternative of a weighted blanket.

Peaceful Pals – Calvin the Weighted Calming Turtle measures 21.5 inches by 4.5 inches. It is made with fabric and it’s waterproof. You don’t need to worry if your child spills water on these weighted stuffed animals, it won’t get damage since it is waterproof. It’s easy to maintain plus wipe-able. Good thing, it is machine washable and portable. You can bring Peaceful Pals – Calvin the Weighted Calming Turtle anywhere you go, maybe on a trip, vacation, or even in family adventures like camping. Your kid can sleep while you’re away from home because this Peaceful Pal is with him or her.

SensaCalm has several Peaceful Pals for your kids. Adults and kids love their weighted stuffed animals because it’s beautifully constructed and sturdy as well. They have great selections of weighted stuffed animals for you to choose from. I’m sure your young children would like to own one as a great addition to their collections. Its price is just right for it has great design and features.

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Moms know that kids really love to have stuffed animals in their bedroom. Here comes the Peaceful Pals – Calvin the Weighted Calming Turtle that can be their new toy and at the same time their partner in bedtime. They can bring these weighted animals anywhere they go. Adults put it in their lap whenever they feel cool while inside the car instead of using a weighted blanket, its weight is just enough. If you are looking for a new stuffed toy for your kids, better try this unique one. For sure, your kids will give you a big smile and hug too. Take note that adults can also use it, so better grab one for yourself!

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