Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp

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Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp has a gorgeous, main-powered designer lamp that is suitable for your living room and even to your bedroom. By using its Hue Bridge, it’s easy for you to control the light in all rooms in your house so also when you are out. It has 10 watts or 800 lumens and has a whopping 50,000 shades of white and it is very affordable.

Whenever you have a separate Hue Bridge, you can connect it to Alexa for voice control that might the common feature of many smart lights. However, it also works with Apple’s HomeKit, Google’s Nest and Samsung’s SmartThings, it can fit neatly to all smart home setups. Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp also offers a full range of warm-up to cool white shades that can fit your mood and it helps wake you up or it will get you to sleep by using the voice control app. However, it works if the Wellness Table Lamp will be linked to your health and fitness devices which comes to its own.

In addition, just link the Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp using the IFTTT commands to some gadgets such as Fitbit and Jawbone. It probably works with the data from those devices that automatically fit in with your preferred schedule. It comes in black and white table lamp, glass and wood that looks beautiful on any table. You can order this table lamp via the voice command in order to illuminate your space to any task, light reading, focus to work and relax at the end of the day.

Advantages of using Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp

Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp belongs to enhancing category as it aims to fit into your mood and makes you feel better everyday then get the most of your time on it. It has AA+ to A eco-rating that can help save energy but this lamp is more of helping you maximize your personal energy as well. It comes with a White Ambience bulb that offers 25,000 hours of usage.

Furthermore, by using the app you can fine-tune the bulb’s temperature then set it to come on at the exact time but you must use it with a Fitbit and Jawbone health band to be able to get the real value. It comes with a sleep-tracking mode which measures the duration of your sleep as well as the quality. Better link the Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp into the IFTTT commands then you can get the light coming on as you naturally wake up so that your body can adjust and it’s useful during winter mornings. The same procedure in helping you get to sleep whenever you have problem snoozing off.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The light settings are highly customizable

Bulbs pretty last for a long time

The app experience is intuitive


The entire kit can set you back by a fair amount of money

Setting routines is difficult