Plagentra Ato Sleeping Balm

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Plagentra Ato Sleeping Balm is a product that helps reduce the feeling of itchiness due to dryness as it creates a skin barrier to be able to keep the baby’s skin moisturized. Also, it can hold hydration in the entire night moisture so also hydration on the skin. It helps prevent moisture loss and has mineral water on it. Ato Sleeping Balm has a balancing effect and there’s a test of skin to determine any irritations.

Benefits of using Plagentra Ato Sleeping Balm

In addition, Plagentra Ato Sleeping Balm can soothe, moisturize and nourish your skin so also improve any itchiness on the skin. It can balance the oil in your skin plus provides relief in your skin and comfort as well. This sleeping balm is very safe for infants, babies, toddlers, and younger ones. It comes with natural ingredients which makes it safe and effective as it creates a protective barrier. Not only that, it can provide freshness on your skin.

Plagentra Ato Sleeping Balm contains safe ingredients such as:

Neroli Oil – it is also known as Bitter Orange Flower Oil that provides relief effect of dryness and reduces stress in your skin.

Mineral Water – It can increase the elasticity in your skin that can keep the skin texture soft and hydrate as an ingredient that has natural moisture. It can also make your skin fresh and healthy.

Panthenol (Provitamin B5) – It provides a calming effect for your skin conditions caused by stress in your environment. It can also help improve itchiness as it can provide moisture in your skin.

Advantages of using Plagentra Ato Sleeping Balm

Moisturizing (Oil Balance System) – It can control the balance of the hydration of your skin and moisture throughout the night with the Oil Balance System.

Plagentra Ato Sleeping Balm is tested and proven that it delivers consistent moisture so also nutrition to your skin at night. It is also clinically proven that is safe to use for babies and adults that have dry-itchiness skin condition. So, better own this sleeping balm because it has many health benefits that are good for you and your family.

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Many health benefits

Safe and effective

Clinically tested