Puffy Blanket Review

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Puffy Blanket is a great blanket that will make you feel all luxurious and comfortable as you sleep. Do you remember strolling down the mall and you get a chance to stroll past a very soft scarf that you just want to rub it all over your face because it is just so soft and feels luxurious? You are positive that you will be sleeping soundly because of the softness it brings and how gentle it touches your skin. You can bring that comfort into your home with Puffy Blanket. You will be feeling extremely luxurious as you sleep that you might be thinking that you are sleeping in a 5-star hotel or maybe even in a castle for the luxurious feeling that you get as you snuggle up with this blanket. What’s great about Puffy is that they offer a lifetime warranty for your complete assurance. If you are too hesitant to purchase this, you can always have their 101 days free trial and if you are not at all satisfied with the comfort this brings, Puffy will offer you a full refund! There’s nothing to lose!

Puffy Blanket has 2 sides for maximum comfort 

If you are unsure what kind of comfort you want as you sleep, Puffy Blanket offers two sides for you as you sleep in. You have a Faux fur on one side and you have a plush micro mink on the other side. The faux fur has a unique luxurious feeling that is extremely soft and gentle on the skin making you feel all snuggled up as you sleep peacefully at night. The plush micro mink on the other side has an ultimate velvet softness that will make you feel extremely luxurious. Feel free to flip to each side which you prefer at night.

Puffy Blanket makes you feel luxurious as you sleep

This soft Puffy Blanket has everything you need. The double-sided blanket has different colors so you can switch it according to your room’s aesthetics. This is also great for those who are extremely allergic to almost everything! This is made with hypoallergenic materials so you can be assured that you will be Achoo-free with the use of this and you will be great off to dreamland. This is also OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CERTIFIED which makes your blanket to reach premium comfort and is ultimately safe for you. You choose from different sizes whether you want this all for yourself or ready to snuggle with someone. You can freely use this as a blanket or as a throw to your couch for that easy access to comfort.

Final Verdict

People are happy, impressed, and beyond satisfied with their purchase of Puffy Blanket. If you love sleeping, this will be the one for you especially if you are looking for a luxurious feeling this product is sure not to be a miss and will always make your sleep as comfy as ever. This is also lightweight that you will not feel anything being weighted down to you that you can even wear it as a cape and fly around all silly with your kids.


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Faux Fur

Plush micro mink



May not be for everyone

No other color options

Not for travelling