Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine

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Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine is a great addition to your bedside table as you try to drift off to sleep. Do you remember having to lay on your bed closing your eyes tight shut and try to drift off to sleep as much as you could? Do you remember the last time you had the most relaxing sleep you ever had? Was it the heavy sound of the rain that falls under your roof and you see them falling from your bedroom window? Or was it when you were on a vacation at the beach with your friends or family and you were checked in to a hut that is near the ocean and you can hear the soft waves crashing into the bay. The sound of the waves hitting the rocks, those soft and relaxing sounds that drifts you off to sleep. Good thing is that you can hear that in the comfort of your own home. Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine provides 6 different natural sounds with a seamless loop that helps you fall asleep better and faster at night. Not only that, but this can also adjust your breathing pattern as you sleep with its light that flashes up to the ceiling.

Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine also helps you with your breathing pattern

This Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine synchronizes your breathing with the light pulses projected onto the ceiling to help you relax and fall asleep. Studies have shown that following a breathing pattern right before you sleep helps in preparing your body to sleep better and faster at night and this is what this product helps you to do. It flashes lights up into your ceiling that you should follow as you breathe and you should be able to drift off to sleep.

Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine helps you to sleep better at night

Finally, get a good night’s sleep using the Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine. This all-natural sleep solution features 6 relaxing sounds that drown out distractions while you synchronize your breathing with the calming ray of light that pulses on the ceiling above your bed. The convenient automatic timer gives you the option to shut off the sound and light after 10, 30, or 60 minutes to save power while you’re sleeping. It’s the ideal choice for insomniacs, night owls, and anyone who struggles to fall asleep. This helps you fall asleep using deep breathing techniques and relaxing audio instead of sleep medication

Final Verdict

People are happy and beyond satisfied with their purchase of Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine. It has effectively put them into a good mood and has helped them to have a better sleep at night. Not only that it produces sounds but it also produces lights to be displayed up into their ceilings that flashes breathing patterns that they should follow and has helped them sleep better at night. If you have trouble sleeping at night and miss the relaxing waves of the ocean, or the rain falling down and you want additional help with that, Pure Enrichment Doze Sound Machine is the product for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

6 relaxing sounds

seamless loop

Pulse light theraphy

Timer options


May not work for everyone

No color option

Light may be too much