Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man

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Total darkness is what we are looking for to be able to fall asleep fast and stay as sleep longer. There are a few people that can’t sleep if there’s a little light coming from the outside in their room, they want a complete darkness. The Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man can provide you with a total darkness. It uses a state-of-the-art design to ensure that our sleep will not be interrupted for the unwanted light. It also helps the users to stay cool while they are sleeping for it has an air vents that promote the appropriate air circulation.

Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man can block the light 100%

Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man promises that even a small light can’t interrupt your sleep. This 3D sleep mask is made from the soft polyester fabric plus it extends the nose area in order to create the total dark rest zone and avoid the light to enter the eyes. Those masks that are non-contoured allows the light in via the nose section, Pwugwes ensure that you will not experience such problem.

Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man is comfortable to use

This 3D sleep mask has a contoured design, the eye space is broader and deeper than the old-style eye mask. It gives more space for your eyes and eradicates the pressure on the eyelids. Users can freely move their eyes while wearing this mask that results to a good sleep. Women don’t need to worry if their make up will smudge while using this Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man. Individuals can use this 3D sleep mask to get some much-needed sleep before attending the important meeting without needing to re-apply make-up.

Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man is lightweight and breathable

Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man has two unique air vents on its edges of the mask unlike other sleep masks that you’ll get sweat on your nose or around your eyes even if the mask is made from light materials. The air vents on Pwugwes ensures you that you will have an appropriate ventilation and air circulation if you sleep. It allows healthy oxygen in while avoiding the dry air from obtaining in to improve the quality of sleep that you get.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best sleep mask for women so also for men, Pwugwes 3D Sleep Mask for Women and Man is recommended for you. Its design can be use by a woman or a man. Also, it is lightweight so you can bring it anywhere you go especially when you are traveling to other country, you can get some sleep during the flight or rest your eyes from a road trip. It has three noise-canceling earplugs that’s perfect for traveling and help block out the noise and chatter during the flight.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Contoured 3D design

Complete light-blocking property

Air vent for proper ventilation

It doesn’t smudge makeup


The Velcro strap can get snagged on hair

It is bulkier compared to other sleeping masks