Queen/King Cooling Blanket Review

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If you happened to wake up at midnight with your pajamas or nightwear soaked in sweat then your comforter is on the floor. I think you must have a cooling blanket with you. It is lighter compared to the comforter and it gives you a comfy feeling without being trapped in the heat. Cooling blankets can provide you the coolest sleep during the night for it is using cooling technology, breathable materials, and lightweight construction. The regular blanket can be uncomfortable for you because you might feel warm most nights especially during the hot season. Gravity Blankets has Queen/King Cooling Blanket that is suitable to you and your family especially during the summer season. You will not be waking up at midnight sweating with this cooling blanket.

Great Features of Queen/King Cooling Blanket

The Queen/King Cooling Blanket from Gravity Blankets has the available same size and colors just like the micro-fiber Queen/King Blanket. It features an innovative moisture-wicking fabric that can make your night stress-free and sweat-free. Isn’t it amazing? For sure you’ll definitely have a sound sleep with this cooling blanket. This cooling blanket has a measurement of 90 inches by 90 inches that will fit Queen or King bed plus available in Grey, Navy, and White. It weighs 35 pounds but keeps you cool throughout the night. Also, it comes with the accurate gridded stitching that makes sure the glass beads will be distributed in uniform that provides comfort. Queen/King Cooling Blanket is machine washable, so easy to wash or clean it. We should at least wash it every month to avoid dust mites and other allergies. If you know how to take care of your cooling blankets, it will stay longer on your bed.

Final Verdict

The hot sleepers might need this Queen/King Cooling Blanket so that they will feel cool even at night. Many sleepers have been using this cooling blanket, they are satisfied with the performance for they experience a stress-free and sweat-free night. Even during summer, you can have a good sleep all night because it can keep you cool. It is made from high-quality materials which mean durable, you can use it for many years for sure. A few have changed from the regular blanket to cooling blanket already, how about you? Well, this is the right time for you to pick the cooling blanket so that you will not be waking up in the middle of the night sweating a lot. If it happens, it can interrupt your sleep. By using the cooling blanket, you don’t need to turn on your air conditioner anymore, great savings it is! Of course, you should choose the right cooling blanket that can truly give you a cool night. You can only experience that with the Queen/King Cooling Blanket from Gravity Blankets.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Many available colors

Great features



A few sleepers can't afford

Few sizes to choose