Reacher White Noise Sound Machine

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About Reacher White Noise Sound Machine

Today’s environment becomes more stressful from all the hard work that is needed to provide the family’s everyday needs. A lot of devices and machines are in the market and they promise to aid tired bodies and mind giving you a good sleep, rest, and relaxation. Here comes one of the best sound machine, the Reacher White Noise Sound Machine.

Reacher White Noise Sound Machine features plenty of sounds such as the forest, lullaby, rain, summer night, fan sounds, and white noises. Included in the sounds are 12 fan sounds and 12 white noises. It has a high fidelity 6W (dual 3W) loudspeaker that promises you to give a great sound experience. You don’t have to search for your favorite sound every time you open it because it stays at your last selection. The sleep timer of Reacher gives you 4 options that are 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes. White noise sound machines are known to help your body and brain achieve quality sleep, good relaxation, and concentration thus giving you good health.  To add, everyone would benefit from having it since it can be  used by people at any age. Not only a help to relax the member of your family, but a good way to help focus at work inside the office.

The Reacher White Noise Sound Machine Features

A night of good sleep is a dream for every parent with a newborn baby. Reacher White Noise Sound Machine helps the bay and the parents to fall asleep faster and soundly through the lullaby sound and a lot of variety of soothing sounds. This device also masks the noisy environment that can disturb a sleeping baby, thus a good time for the mothers to get a quality sleep may it be during daytime or nighttime. Another way that this white noise sound machine can help is by giving you good rest and relaxation. Aside from the benefit of getting to sleep fast, it also gives you longer sleep through noise-masking. Soothing sounds can also be used during your yoga and meditation. The sound spa it offers gives you a good time to concentrate more on your studies and focus on your work. The variety of sounds of Reacher White Noise Sound Machine inspire you in different moods and enjoy the sounds of the natural environment making you feel more relaxed.

The Other Features of Reacher White Noise Sound Machine

The big knob for the volume of Reacher White Noise Sound Machine allows you to choose the exact volume easily. It has a sleep timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes to allow you to sleep through the night. With the headphone jack, you will be able to listen to the sounds peacefully in case your partner does not prefer listening to music during bedtime. Reacher has a memory function and it allows you to access your favorite sounds without setting it all over again.

The Reacher White Noise Sound Machine Terms and Inclusions

Reacher White Noise Sound Machine has a money-back guarantee of 45 days and a 12 months warranty. You can exchange a new machine if your first item breaks down. The package includes the Reacher white noise sound machine, 1.8m USB Cable with AC adapter, and a User Manual.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Diverse and inclusive. There are 28 settings to choose from

The device can remember your selections and preferences

It has 4 timer options

Speakers have high volume and clarity

Durable and long-lasting


Not very portable compared to other devices