REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow

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The REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow does a little bit of everything. First, there is a snoring function that detects snoring and prompts vibrations, which encourage you to change position without waking you up. There is also a wireless speaker you can use to play sleep music or music of your choice, as well as sleep trackers that are designed to measure your restlessness and pinpoint any disturbances in your sleep cycle. There are even an in-pillow alarm and an array of memory foam clusters, the latter of which help accommodate various sleeping aids.

In addition, REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow has a technology that can track your sleep, play music and help you to stop snoring and many more. It is effective because it can provide you a comfortable sleep each night. Also, it can analyze your sleep and you’ll enjoy listening to the streaming music and the audio. This smart pillow is smart home compatible by IFTTT which integrates with the smart home and it can connect with the Amazon Echo to get the sleep reports immediately. It has a smart alarm that can analyze your sleep in order to wake you up at an ideal time in your sleep cycle so also a music sleep timer that can sing you to sleep.

REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow Design and Comfort

REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow has a measurement of 16.8 by 26.5 by 5.5 inches and it weighs a heavy of 7 pounds. However, it is smaller compared to the standard pillow and all of the extra weight comes from the eight wireless speakers, gyroscope and decibel-tuned microphone monitors and there are two vibration motors that are housed inside. There’s a purple memory foam that fills on it and a comfort foam shell. The pillowcase included is made of a Tencel fiber, it is hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and it can regulate temperature. Its purple fabric is bordered in the upper left and lower right corners, it has a Zeeq logo that is embroidered in white. Then, you can see a small white remote control located on the right side. Its top holds a micro USB such as charging port, power button, LED indicator lights and a volume button. The battery life lasts for two weeks.

REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow can track your sleep quality plus it can measure the loudness of your snore. If your snoring will reach a certain decibel then you can easily set the pillow so that it will vibrate and it is supposed to encourage you to change your sleeping position. You can also set this smart pillow to vibrate as the silent alarm on the next day. Its built-in Bluetooth speakers enable us to play white noise, music, audiobooks and more. Just download the Zeeq app which is available in iOS and Android then create an account. After that, you can turn on the pillow then hold the button for a few seconds, make sure that the indicator light is green. Tap the pillow icon to start pairing in the app. You will know if it is complete when it is vibrating.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It has adjustable foam

Good for back and side sleepers

Great features


Frequently disconnected in testing

Silent alarm offers ineffective vibration.