Remee Lucid Dream Mask

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Remee Lucid Dream Mask has a small inflexible patch located on its bridge. The foam that covers the eyes has a thin and elastic circuit board and it’s Remee’s brain. You can freely adjust the settings that include the battery, lights as well as the sensors.

Remee Lucid Dream Mask helps to re-enter dreams

The mask has a light that can flash brightly which might interrupt your sleep cycle altogether. It seems a bad thing but you can work on it by consciously re-entering the dream then be able to experience a lucidity. It’s a lucid dreaming technique that is called Wake Induced Lucid Dreams and it will improve your lucid dream experience.

Remee Lucid Dream Mask can recall dreams

Remee mask lights can possibly improve recalling dreams for it’s easier to remember the dream when you wake up in the middle of the night compared to later on it.

Remee Lucid Dream Mask has a hypnagogic play

This dream mask has one setting called ‘nap mode’, it means there is a ten-minute nap delay that has one to two-minute signal interval. It will take you back and forth trip in which you will be first awakened from the contemplative semi-sleep state of a nap. There’s a possibility that you can experience a remarkably bright and extend the hypnagogic hallucinations. It usually occurs if you are on the control between slumbering and waking up. It frequently leads to an emblematic dream later, so it’s good to try because it’s worth it.

Remee Lucid Dream Mask have Night Lights

The rear-facing LED of Remee Lucid Dream Mask is served as the touchstone going to the waking world. By using some series of smart timers, the light patterns will be displayed throughout the night as it is targeting your REM cycles in which dreams usually occur. Its pattern will be moderate as or trembling, as bright or as dark and as fast or as slow. If you can spend more time tuning the light patterns then it will be better for you might have an improving recall and lucidity.

Remee Lucid Dream Mask is a smooth and modernized gadget that can fit to everyone’s budget. However, there are some key features that are lacking in which other dreaming masks have such as REM detection and the two-way communication ( the dreamer will give signals to the mask through an eye movement if they are lucid then it will stop when there are flashes that are distracting).

Editor's Pros & Cons

You can customize the lights

Lightweight and comfortable to wear

Energy efficient

Remee LED lights target your REM cycles


No space on the Remee mask for additional features like Bluetooth or wireless data support

The lights on the Remee mask can struggle to filter through into the dream world