ResMed S + By Personal Sleep Solution

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ResMed S + By Personal Sleep Solution is a device to track sleep and does not require any sensor on your bed. With a high rating in the market and one of the top 5 non-wearable sleep trackers, it is definitely highly recommended. It is called a non-contact sleep tracker. The S+ system integrates with an app and has many features designed to enhance sleep habits including Smart Alarm, a built-in mentor that offers sleep tips and a Relax Sleep feature that coordinates sounds with breathing. ResMed S+ is ideal for people who do not want to wear a tracker.

ResMed S + can measure your breathing as well as the movement of your body in the entire night. It analyzes the light, a noise so also levels of temperature in your bedroom. It can create everyday sleep scores and charts that can help you understand your sleep pattern. It can also deliver personalized feedback which is based on your sleep pattern, the environment in your bedroom and daily habits. Not only that, it can sync with your tablet or smartphone effortlessly.

ResMed S + By Personal Sleep Solution can track and improve your sleep on the first night of using it. It also works by detecting the upper body movement while you are sleeping. The movement that it detects consist of the expansion as well as the relaxation of your chest while you breathe in and out so also the overall body movements like the positional changes, arm twitches, and the shrugs.

In addition, ResMed S + By Personal Sleep Solution includes software algorithms that can recognize its combination of respiration and body-movement signals in order to assess the overall sleep state. If you are moving continuously, you are less likely to be asleep but when you are in a deep sleep, there will be a small movement and you will breathe regularly.

ResMed S + By Personal Sleep Solution will provide you feedback after the first night’s sleep together with some tips on improving the sleep conditions in your bedroom. While you are studying the sleep environment and how to improve your sleep the experts that are behind this device will spend more days of collecting and analyzing your information. Then, they will send you personalized feedback so also suggestions that are based on your sleep patterns.

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Beautiful design

Clear and insightful app

Calming sleep encouragement


No built-in speaker