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Many people are in search of the best mouthpiece for men. Statistics have shown that men are more likely to snore compared to women. How many times were you frustrated that your partner is sleeping so loudly as if they have lifted cars the whole day making them seem to be tired when you know they are not? It is truly frustrating to sleep with a loud snorer no matter how much you love them especially when you are a light sleeper and wakes up immediately to any form of the lightest sound. As much as you hate to admit it, you may even hate to sleep with your partner because he is an extremely loud snorer every night. It is truly difficult to handle that situation and you can resolve that with a great mouthpiece for men. This should be able to free you and your partner from the snoring problems you are dealing with every night. We know how frustrating it is to be disturbed when you sleep and VitalSleep is here to the rescue. Snoring while you sleep shows an indication that the airflow in the body is not correct, with this mouthpiece, you will be able to correct it in no time.

Mouthpiece for men is custom fit for you

If you are too worried about a mouthpiece not fitting you well just because you have a unique set of teeth, do not worry. This mouthpiece for men from VitalSleep can be customized just for you. All you have to do is to boil the mouthpiece, place it on your mouth once tolerable and it should be able to adjust to the custom fit of your mouth down to your every teeth. You are sure to be able to sleep peacefully knowing that this mouthpiece fits you perfectly.

Mouthpiece for men improves the way you sleep

When you snore as you sleep at night shows an indication that your airflow is not at its best condition. You should be able to sleep without any loud snores. Snores are the sounds you make when the air from your lungs cannot get out of your throat as fast as it could. To improve the way you sleep and to eliminate the way you snore, you should have a mouthpiece for men, especially from VitalSleep. This mouthpiece improves your breathing by positioning your jaw. The position of your jaw can be adjusted depending on your snore intensity so it is completely customizable according to your own needs.

Final Verdict

If you want to end the snore nightmare, then you should look for the best mouthpiece for men for you or your partner. Theis mouthpiece from VitalSleep is the best choice there could ever be for it can be fully customizable to your mouth and you can adjust how it performs based on jaw positions. You can finally have a great night of sleep and si is your partner o you could have a more harmonious living with each other every day.

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Customizable to your mouth

Jaw positioning

FDA Cleared


May not be for everyone

some might not find it comfortable