SensaCalm Medium Weighted Blanket

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About SensaCalm Medium Weighted Blanket

Sensacalm Medium Weighted Blanket is manufactured by SensaCalm owned by Donna Chambers. In 2007, she got frustrated with the little options and high prices of weighted blankets so she started making one through her own hands and later on grew a business that is all handmade with customization. Weighted blankets are heavy and press down a little on you when used. These blankets have health benefits both for children and adults. To name, weighted blankets have been proven to reduce stress, lower anxiety and help increase the concentration for people who have attention problems.

SensaCalm Medium Weighted Blanket Benefits

SensaCalm Medium Weighted Blanket, like other weighted blankets, has a lot of benefits to your health. It works to ease anxiety and insomnia and other related conditions both for children and adults. Many reports say that applying deep pressure gives a calming and relaxing effect and this is the purpose of using weighted blankets. These blankets are also helpful to ease the symptoms of ADHD, a way to reduce stress, and may also be helpful for kids and adults with sensory processing issues. Many caregivers give good remarks on weighted blankets as they see the benefits it gives to their old love ones. They see how it helps the elderly get better sleep, rest easily and provide comfort even to people with dementia. The warm hug of the SensaCalm Medium Weighted Blanket makes you more appreciate these blankets. A great way to end the day and enjoy a restful night!

SensaCalm Medium Weighted Blanket Build and Materials

SensaCalm Medium Weighted Blanket is a therapeutic blanket that helps sooth the sleepless and provides a deep pressure that people will surely love! It is custom made to be therapeutic in both size and weight. These blankets are made by trusted and professional Sewing Team in a comfortable polyfill, with hypoallergenic, non-toxic glass beads, and with high-quality materials. It comes in small, medium, queen size and large. The polyfill insert gives it a pillowy effect, so it feels more like a normal duvet ideal for nighttime sleep. The company suggests that a weighted sleep blanket should be sized to fit the person, not the bed. The blanket still seemed a bit narrow. If you are someone who likes to sleep with your limbs splayed out and you move around a lot, the large size likely won’t provide enough coverage, and we’d suggest you go for their full or queen-size blanket. However, if you like the idea of being cocooned, opt for the smaller size.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight weighted blanket

It has a high level of craftsmanship

Made from high-quality materials

Made from non-toxic and safe materials

With vibrant colors, unisex

Evenly distributed weight


Easy to wash and clean

Best for people with anxiety, sensory disorders, and insomnia


Has no snaps that are important for a duvet cover

Not waterproof

The blanket is not suitable for two people