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A few travelers want to sleep on the plane though it’s hard for them to do it. Even if they are in a business class seat or in the five-star hotel because of jet lag, stress, noise and the light which is difficult for them to nod off while traveling. A sleep mask can help you fall asleep for it can block the light then you still have rest even when you’re on the plane or on a road trip. SensaCalm made a sleep mask that you will surely love to have, which is SensaCalm Sleep Mask. It is made from high-quality and breathable materials plus very comfortable to wear or use because it’s lightweight.

SensaCalm Great Design and Feature

SensaCalm Sleep Mask has a soothing satin on one of its sides and a fleece that is comfortable on the other side. It is lightweight which means you can bring this sleep mask anywhere you go. Also, sleep mask from SensaCalm is reversible, convenient and most of all breathable. You will feel more refreshed when you put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Each side is ready to use so it looks like you have two sleep masks since it is reversible.

In addition, SensaCalm Sleep Mask provides maximum comfort while wearing it because it’s lightly weighted. It comes with one size that can fit most adults. It means no matter what the shape of your face, it will perfectly fit to you. You can choose from its trendy colors such as pink, turquoise, black and gray. For sure, women would choose the color pink or turquoise then men will pick the black or gray one. This sleep mask can be used by men and women. SensaCalm Sleep Mask is hypoallergenic, very safe to use. It is made from non-toxic glass beads. However, you must hand wash it and after that air dry. Never wash it using the machine, it might damage the sleep mask. Of course, we should take care of our belongings so that they will stay longer for us.

Final Verdict

If you are a traveler and loves to sleep while on the plane, car or even in a fancy hotel, SensaCalm Sleep Mask will be your great companion. This sleep mask is easy to bring since it’s lightweight plus it is hypoallergenic, it’s safe to wear for a long time or even if you sweat a lot during summertime. Sleepers can choose their favorite color for it comes with four different colors to choose from. Not only, but it is also made from breathable materials which means it provides comfort while wearing it. You better try this sleep mask from SensaCalm, it’s worth buying for!

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One size fits to most adults