SensaCalm Weighted Wraps Review

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SensaCalm Weighted Wraps Design and Features

SensaCalm is offering weighted wraps that have similar calming effects like the therapeutic weighted blankets. However, this one is portable so you can bring anywhere you go even when you’re traveling to any places or in other countries. You might need this since it can help you relax while you are on the plane and feeling cold. It has many sizes for you to choose such as large 5lb, medium 3lb, skinny 3lb, and skinny 1.5lb. Of course, select the best for you in which you can comfortably relax on it. Not only that, but you can also pick the color you want to have. SensaCalm Weighted Wraps can be used as a weighted lap pad in which most travelers are using it. It is popular with kids and elderly people as well.

Benefits of SensaCalm Weighted Wraps

SensaCalm Weighted Wraps has many benefits like it can improve and promote sleep. Even if it’s not recommended for sleep but it can be used while you are traveling or whenever you need to take a nap for a short time. Its weight of the wrap can stimulate the production of serotonin in our body and it’s an important chemical which helps in enabling relaxation and regulate people’s mood. Also, serotonin plays an important role in making the melatonin as a sleep hormone that’s why people usually wear huggers if they are having a night flight.

In addition, SensaCalm Weighted Wraps can relieve uncontrollable thoughts which makes them very useful to individuals who have infatuated overthinking habits. Weighted wraps can help your child focus in the classroom and help improve his or her writing skills. It can make your car trip easier with weighted wraps because it’s portable and compact, easy to grab it and bring them with you. It lessen the nerve-wracking while sitting for a long time on your road trip. SensaCalm Weighted Wraps can also reduce the meltdown of your special child. It reduces the unexpected meltdown by simply using it for you may feel that you are hug by anyone then your nervous system will be calmed.

Final Verdict

SensaCalm Weighted Wraps will be your best travel buddy for sure. As written above, it is good for people who are traveling a lot and wanting to take a nap while on the car, plane, and any transportation. It is portable and compact, you can carry it anywhere you will go. It can reduce anxiety, meltdown, and even help your child to focus in the classroom. Aside from these, it can help improve and promote sleep. You don’t need to bring a weighted blanket or pillow with you because SensaCalm Weighted Wraps is here for you.  It’s a must buy weighted wraps for everyone so grab one for yourself now!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Variety of colors and sizes

Reduce anxiety


Improve and promote sleep


A little pricey