Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy Review

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Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy is a great hand soap that you should have at your home. Your guests will be well-informed and be remembering that they need to be washing their hands because of its great notification features “Wash your hands, dummy” in its bottle so you will be well-reminded of the thing that you should do. Do you remember how many times were you annoyed that your kids would just refuse to wash their hands because they just simply choose to play instead? You no longer need to fret, parents! We have all been there and for you, we can totally help you out of your situation. If you want a daily reminder for them to wash their hands, you may place Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy that they can easily access so they will be reminded to wash their hands. I am highly guessing that they will take the hint since it has a huge block of letters that are impossible not to be seen.

Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy has amazing features

The Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy contains a 2-8 oz. Bottles of all-natural hand soap. We’re all thinking it, this bottle just says it! Their snarky labeling gets right to the point to remind people to wash their hands as they should. This hand soap is great to keep in your spread when guests are expected! Definitely a conversation piece! Who wouldn’t talk about this when it is truly funny and yet functional? This hand soap has Essential Oils that are used to create a wonderfully aromatic, naturally antibacterial Hand Soap! Made with super potent essential oils that are known to protect from germs, viruses, and bacteria!

Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy keeps your hands clean

The Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy is truly Safe and Effective. Their lotions, balms, and salves are made without harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. Using Calendula oil in their soap adds moisturizing and skin-repairing properties. Please note that this is a plant-based soap and it feels thinner than conventional soaps due to the plant oils in this recipe. But still suds up very nice and is just as potent as commercial brands. You will surely be getting a clean set of hands with every use of this hand soap!

Final Verdict

For all the moms out there who are sick of saying it… This bottle speaks for you while those little kiddos are using the bathroom and trying to run out of there without washing their hands! The Serendipitous Summer Farms Wash Your Hands Dummy is a Mama owned company. They are a small farm located in the Northwest corner of Arkansas. Creating natural plant-based salves, soaps, and balms right here on the farm! Hand-poured in small batches so you can be assured that you are truly getting the best of the best. This is one of the best hand soaps that you could ever purchase knowing that it is antibacterial and is plant-based!

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Funny reminder

Uses Essential Oils


May not be for everyone

Not foamy

The scent may not be for everyone