Sheets Sleeper Cover Review

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Are you a person who can’t sleep without sheets sleep cover even if the weather is warm? You are a unique person because other sleepers don’t need it, especially in the summer season even if they turn on the air conditioner. They don’t feel cool so preferred to sleep without any sleep cover. Well, we are different from each other. Those individuals who can’t rest without a sleep cover even if it’s warm, Bearaby made something for you and that is the Sheets Sleeper Cover. This sheet includes two pillow case cover that would match to your sleeper cover.

Great Designs and Features of Sheets Sleeper Cover

This Sheets Sleeper Cover comes in 2 part set that features a cool and soft TENCEL duvet cover which is designed to best fit the Sleeper. Its cover has handy ties on the corner that lets you attach your Sleeper then keep it from changing around. This sheet has two TENCEL pillowcases that match it and come in a standard US size. Sheets Sleeper Cover is made from 50% of organic cotton as well as the TENCEL. It is made from the highly breathable and very soft combination of the tree fabric TENCEL plus 100% organic soft, safe to use for all sleepers. Also, this sheet is lightweight and airy plus soft to touch it and easy to clean. Sheets Sleeper Cover must be washed using warm water then tumble dry low. However, it is better if you wash it on an eco-setting like 30 degrees Celcius for it uses less energy and it’s good for the planet. We should know how to keep it clean for it can help extend your sleep cover for many years. If you want your sleeper cover to stay long with you, follow the care instructions. Sleepers can purchase this sheet in Queen and King size and both of them include two pillowcase covers that would match it. Bearaby ensures that they made the best sheet for their customers or buyers. Its goal is to be able to provide the need of their clients or buyers.

Final Verdict

Many sleepers are satisfied using this Sheets Sleeper Cover from Bearaby, be one of them! It is a must-buy for everyone because its materials are made from organic cotton and TENCEL. The price is reasonable that would suit to your budget. It has several features that are perfect for most sleepers. All the requirements you’re looking for a sheet, you can find it in Sheets Sleeper Cover. However, take note on how to clean or wash it so that you can use it for a long time. Better consider this sheet then add it to your bedding sets or essentials. You’ll definitely obtain a good sleep with this sheet, go get it in Bearaby!

Editor's Pros & Cons


100% organic cotton

Easy to clean


Few sizes available

One color only