Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set

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Sleep Number have been in mattress industry for a long time. They have built a good reputation in providing the best mattress on the market. Most of their mattresses are found in college dormitory rooms so also in camping tents. It shows high quality, modern and comfortable mattress which can be produced from its air bed. Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set is one of their new products that’s becoming popular nowadays.

Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set Design

Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set is an affordable mattress for it is the most basic Sleep Number mattress that you can choose from. Its mattress is made from the combination of Rayon and polypropylene fabrics plus it has a thickness of 8 inches. The control system of this product includes the remote, air, pump plus the hose. It does not have foam mattress pad on its top of the air chamber. However, it has a soft fiberfill that was sewn into the thin layer which is located at the right above its air chambers. The top layer of Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set has a zipper which means it is removable but it’s not good to wash it. There’s a possibility that it will shrink and it might damage the cover. It’s better to try the spot cleaning any stains by using a mild cleanser.

Furthermore, Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set has a one or two chambers but it may depend on the size that you have right now. Two chambers are for those who have double size. They are connected to the pump which can expand or reduce the mattress, it may depend on the setting then they called it “DualAir technology”. Its hose going to the pump air into its chamber is 4 feet long and it’s hidden inside the bed. You can access it through unzipping its removable cover. These air chambers are made of 24-gauge vulcanized rubber that has cotton fabric which adhere to the exterior by the heat-treating procedure. The Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set has ten sizes that ranges from Twin to the Flextop California King.

The Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set makes sure that you are supported well and you will not feel like you are going to fall of even if you are sharing your bed. The reason behind is C2 has great edge support because it has four foam border walls which are part of the bed. Many users find that Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set is sturdy as well as stable. You will not be bothered if your partner will toss and turn during the night.

Final Verdict

Numerous users said that Sleep Number c2 Queen Bed Set is a must have smart mattress today. Most of them are satisfied with the performance of this mattress plus it last long to their beds. Everybody can easily purchase this mattress because it’s affordable. So, better get one for you and for your family!

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