Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System

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Several technology companies are interested in what individuals do in your bed, they want to help you in their own way. Just like Sleepace, they introduce Nox Smart Sleep System to the public or in the marketplace. It has a monitor that will be put under the sheets, a smart sleep and the app will work together to make sure that you can have a good sleep at night. Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System might be the one you are looking for.

Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System Features

Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System puts the hardware in your bed with you, no need to wear anything while you’re sleeping compared to other sleep gadgets. The sleep monitor that they are using is RestOn. It’s a lengthy, microfiber band that has a sensor in which you lay between its mattress and sheet. It will gather information about your sleep patterns, heart rates and breathing so also the movement of the body. Then, it will send it to the app which will give you some recommendations of what you can to obtain a good sleep. Also, it will send that info to the Nox lights so that it can adjust to get the best sleeping condition. For instance, its Nox light will turn on in order to wake you up once the RestOn monitor can sense that your sleep is light. Its lamp will play some soothing sounds to help you sleep again then it will turn off if you’re asleep.

Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System Design and Hardware

The Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System is small as it measures 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Its edges are round and come with simple yet contemporary design. As you can see, there’s a clean white upper 2/3 of the Nox Smart Sleep System which is the light, the gray on the lower third has a simple display. You can see the time and a wireless connection icon that blends softly with its gray housing then it will disappear if the display will turn off. On top of it, there are 5 touch-sensitive buttons that will turn on and off, control its speaker volume so also you can adjust its brightness. On the back of the Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System, you can see the speaker grille, its power jack, and USB jack that is used for charging the mobile.

Final Verdict

Sleepers may be looking for gadgets for sleep that can monitor their sleep and help them improve it. Not only that, sleep gadget that is easy to use and most of all safe and effective. Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep System comes with a simple and striking design that can be an added beauty to your bedroom as well. It has a few additional sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, a light so also noise levels. For sure, this sleep gadget is perfect for you so better own one now!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Simple and attractive design

Additional sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, light, and noise levels

It has a Smart Alarm to wake you up naturally


Built-in speaker could play more than built-in background sounds

It's not useful if you don’t own a RestOn sleep monitor