Sleepingo double sleeping bag

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Sleepingo double sleeping bag is the best sleeping bag you want to bring on your travels with you. It’s made for mountain lovers so also to those who like cold climate conditions. This sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm at temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above – perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, outdoor sleepovers and more. Whenever you want to sleep comfortably just like in a hotel king size bed, you should have to give this sleeping bag a try. It has an impressive size of 87 x 59 inches which is larger than most of the same products available in the market.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag – Description

Sleepingo double sleeping bag is specially designed to separate into two sleeping bags for one person each or to create a spacious two-person sleeping bag that should travel with the significant other.

Moreover, Sleepingo is made from tough and durable outer shell with a soft silky inner lining that is intended for sensitive persons who want to sleep just like in a real bed. Its outer shell is made from a strong, long-lasting and waterproof polyester fabric that will keep you warm during the cold nights. The interior has a combination of Tetron textiles and cotton for a soft and breathable finish. The fabrics are designed to make a remarkable Sleepingo Double in high-quality, it will last for a lifetime even if the weather is in severe condition.

This product comes with two warm and soft pillows to make sure you will have a good night’s sleep so also sweet dreams even you’re far away from home. There’s nothing to worry about bringing additional accessories, you’re ready for camping any time.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag knows what’s happening, it’s because they hook you up with the two free travel pillows along with the stellar bag. It has plenty of space that has comfort capabilities with a 210 thread count plus insulation to protect your assets in the middle of a cold night. It is lightweight, durable and comfortable, the sleeping bag you’re looking for.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag – Features

Sleepingo double sleeping bag weighs 5.95 pounds and the exterior is water-resistant and rip-resistant. This sleeping bag includes two travel pillows and has 210 thread count. Also, has plenty of space for two adults because of the impressive size 87”x 59”. It can be used as two separate sleeping bags if you like. Sleepingo can pack down into your own carry bag, very suitable for cold climate camping.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag is perfect for couples who are looking to snuggle up after the hard day’s hiking and experience great outdoor activities. There are several benefits in terms of choosing a double sleeping bag. First, the combined body heat of you and your loved one that would help keep you extra cozy at night. Also, you will have plenty of room to wriggle around in and find the perfect sleeping position inside the double sleeping bag compared to the single sleeping bag or mummy bag.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag – Temperature ratings

This sleeping bag should keep you warm during the night, that’s the basic requirement. Different sleeping bags have different temperature ratings. Numbers of sleeping bags are given a rating in degrees, it can be a limit or a series of temperatures. For example, your sleeping bag has a limit of -6 degrees Celsius which means it will keep you warm down to external temperatures of -6 degrees Celcius. Another rating to consider is the ‘season’ in which gives you an idea of whether it’s suitable for summer or right throughout the year. If the temperature rating is better, the more seasons the sleeping bag is useful. However, these two would depend on the number of factors such as the insulation type, the lining, and shell materials.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag – Filling

The kind of insulation it’s filled with is another key feature to look for in the double sleeping bag. There ate two types of insulation.

Synthetic filling – It’s a man-made filling that uses poly fibers. Also, considered to have a more affordable option plus has many advantages over duck or goose down filling. It is washable easily and dries out quickly if it gets wet.

Down filling – It is the fine layer of fluffy feathers that you can find underneath the normal feathers on ducks or geese. A down filling is warmer compared synthetic filling and it’s a bit more rugged that lasts a lot longer. However, it does not dry out like synthetic filling which means that if you get your sleeping bag wet, you will have a cold and uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag – Shape

A Sleepingo double sleeping bag comes in rectangular or ‘envelope’ form since this is the best shape to create the necessary extra space. It’s good for those who preferred their head and neck to have many rooms. However, the cold air will get in around your shoulders.

Sleepingo double sleeping bag – Intended use

The buyers are advised to use the Sleepingo double sleeping bag in severe weather conditions while they are camping, hiking, traveling and other outdoor activities that indicate sleeping in nature. This sleeping bag is promoted to resist severe weather conditions. Also, to comfortably accommodate two adult persons in the same sleeping bag or two separate bags. The combination of these three great features such as long-lasting, waterproof and qualitative fabrics made this product into a perfect outdoor sleeping tool. It will keep you warm in temperatures for as slow as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It means that you’ll be using this sleeping bag as the best sleeping alternative for almost long years but it will depend on the place you will travel and how low the temperatures in certain environment. It’s easy to assemble this product because it has detachable zippers as it accommodates one or two persons, regardless of the weight and height.

A few of the customers that bought Sleepingo double sleeping bag said that it does not properly insulate at very low temperatures. It means that even if it was promoted to keep warm even at 35 degrees, you still need an extra blanket or a set of clothing to be able to keep you warm all night. However, this sleeping bag is the perfect choice for spring, summer and autumn nights.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Provide lifetime warranty

Can be carried around easily

Plenty of space and can fit two adults

Both sides have a zipper


Inner lining is soft


Pillows are big

Shiny outer material which is difficult to put back in the sack