SleepScore Labs Max Sleep Tracking Device

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SleepScore Labs Max Sleep Tracking Device provides the most accurate sleep tracking next to clinical sleep measures. Without requiring you to wear a device or place anything on your bed, the SleepScore Max sensor can be placed on your bedside table. This sleep tracker measures the quality and quantity of your sleep. Every morning the companion app allows you to view your quality scores, personalized insights, and actionable advice. Here are the great things about SleepScore Max:

  • This device fits right in on an end table in your bedroom. It is not intrusive in design, it is actually really sophisticated.
  • Pairing it with your devices such as your smartphone is not difficult, however, on the first night, the Bluetooth dropped in the middle of the night. As a result, we had to charge the phone closer to the SleepScore Max.
  • The app for SleepScore Max which is SleepScore Labs is clean and well thought and provides a series of views to measure out your sleep. The REM metrics were especially very handy.
  • You should not expect much of insights after a few days, the gauge will be after 30 days when the algorithm has more data to use.

SleepScore Labs Max Sleep Tracking Device uses a bio-motion sensor technology which has similarities with the echolocation, it can monitor the user during the night. It must be placed not more than 3.9 feet away from the user and it should be pointed toward the user’s chest. Through this position, it can give the device an optimal angle to be able to collect data.

This tracking device does not have an internal microphone but it uses the mic of the user’s phone. The phone must be close to the SleepScore Max so that it can track any changes in noise during the night accurately. It’s better if you plug it in the phone when charging and it must be next to the SleepScore Max to make sure that the phone stays powered throughout the night. The front of SleepScore Labs Max Sleep Tracking Device has one LED light that will turn into solid green if it is paired to the phone and ready to track. Once the user entered “sleep” mode in the app, the green light will take 15 seconds before it fades out. To start tracking, the user will open the app then select the “sleep” button. When you wake up, the user must hold down the “wake up” button in order to stop the SleepScore Max from tracking. It ensures the app determines that the user is sleeping compared to performing a still bedtime activity such as reading. It enables the app to track any naps correctly.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Non-contact sleep tracking device

Includes a smart alarm, sleep history, sleep chart, temperature tracking, noise tracking, and sleeping goals

Provide detailed sleep report

Reasonable price


Requires the use of a smartphone, Bluetooth, and the corresponding app

Some users find it inconvenient to travel with the device