SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap Review

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SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap is a great soap especially if you prefer to have a nice and long relaxing shower or bath just right before your bedtime. At the end of the day, we do not know how much dirt our body has came into. OUr sweat all throughout the day should not be sticking with us when we have decided to hit the hay. It is best to wash up your whole body right before going to sleep so that you will be removing any toxins or first in your body and lessen the contamination that you might bring to your bed or to other people of your household. The use of an Epsom salt as you bathe especially at night will be a great help in making your body be feeling great, relaxed, and right. SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap is a great Epsom salt that you should never hesitate to use especially during your night time bath time. You will be giving your body a great treat that your body will absolutely love you for it.

SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap is perfect for you and your children

Whatever season it may be, there is always a perfect time to use a SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap as you bathe just right before your bedtime. This Epsom Salt Soap is the perfect addition to your or your child’s nighttime routine. Epsom salts are proven to ease stress and relax the body, making them great for anyone with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, or insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping, this is a great bath that you will enjoy. Not only that you did clean your body, you will enjoy the relaxing feeling of bathing and will also result in making you fall asleep faster and better at night.

SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap is your new bedtime routine

Just the right moment before you have decided to hit the hay, a great bath or shower is what you need to take the toxins away and make you be fully relaxed and ready to end the day with a good zzzs. SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap will help you to be relaxed as you sleep at night. This is highly great especially for those who are suffering from Insomnia. Epsom salts are known to provide a dose of magnesium through the skin (which people with autism and fibromyalgia tend to be short on) and draw toxins out of the body, while various essential oils combine to provide a calming and comforting effect. You can be assured that this will be truly magnificent!

Final Verdict

People are happy and beyond satisfied with their purchase of SensaCalm’s SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap. This is a bar of handmade soap so you can be assured that it is made with gentle hands and with true care and having a keen eye in keeping things in order and in perfect condition. The colors derived from natural mineral-based sources are embedded in natural Mica powder making up less than 00.10% of the total weight.

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Epsom salt


Calming & Comforting


May not be for everyone

May not be a fan of the scent

May be a little bit expensive