SnoreRx Mouthpiece

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The SnoreRx Mouthpiece is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that offers boil-and-bite customization and precise adjustments for comfortable fitting. A ventilated design ensures good and consistent airflow. With an expected lifespan of at least 20 months, the SnoreRx Mouthpiece offers much more longevity than most competing MAD mouthpieces.

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece features

There are 2 types of over-the-counter anti-snoring devices. Both intend to keep your tongue from obstructing your airway, but they approach the problem differently.

  1. Tongue Retaining Devices (TRD) – physically restrain your tongue by pressing it down so it can’t slide into the throat while you are sleeping on your back.
  2. Mandibular Adjustment Devices (MAD) – work by sliding the lower jaw forward and that moves the base of the tongue forward to prevent it from sliding back into the airway.

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece anti-snoring device is a MAD, it pushes the jaw forward to keep your airway clean and can be adjusted in tiny increments so that it pushes your mandible enough to keep the throat unobstructed but not so much that it causes ongoing jaw discomfort.

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece is well-built and sturdy and it does not feel cheap and flimsy, which is very impressive. The SnoreRx Mouthpiece is a custom mold anti-snoring device. After Custom molding. you should at least try to wear it during the day, to see how comfortable it is or it needs more adjustments.

How does SnoreRx Mouthpiece work?

SnoreRx Mouthpiece is as mentioned a boil and bite device, this feature makes the device custom-fitted to hold the mouth comfortably in place throughout the night. Although there are boil and bite devices out there, some of them do not offer the change to refit after the first attempt and need to be done carefully the first time. The SnoreRx Mouthpiece, on the other hand, can be refitted up to three times to create the best impression of the device.

What also makes the SnoreRx Mouthpiece different from other devices is the ability to adjust the jaw in 1 mm increments. Currently, there is no other MAD with this feature. Some devices are one-size-fits-all and do not have the ability to make lower jaw adjustments. The SnoreRx Mouthpiece is also able to be easily readjusted and clearly shows the number its set at, along with a reference point.

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece durability

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece, according to the manufacturer’s website, can last up to 11 to 15 months. This is longer than the lifespan of most of the MADs on the market.

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece material and comfort

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece is soft and comfortable, made with medical-grade materials and no metal, or anything else that creates torsion. It is also BPA-free which is a feature not mentioned by the manufacturers of some other devices.

Other features of the SnoreRx Mouthpiece

  • SnoreRx is cleared by the FDA and all pieces of the device are hypoallergenic
  • The device is safe according to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and is not a choking hazard; it has no small pieces and is too large to be swallowed.
  • The front of the device is open so air can freely move in and out for mouth breathers.
  • The setting is locked in so it will not move out of place. Some other adjustable devices can slide out of place. Although it is locked, it can easily be adjusted if needed.
  • Made in the USA
  • SnoreRx is guaranteed and will offer a full refund (minus the price of shipping) if the device is returned within 30 days

The SnoreRx Mouthpiece verdict

SnoreRx Mouthpiece is not a one-size-fit-all anti-snoring device, its adjustment features, and custom fit, so it could be the MAD choice for you, as long as you don’t have any contradictions mentioned above. Wearing it through the night has shown to result in better sleep and less daytime sleepiness.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable in increments and advanced home customization

Longer lifespan than comparable over-the-counter MADs

Adequate airflow to facilitate mouth breathing

Allows lateral jaw movement


If you have any ill-fitting crowns, bridge, or dentures, it won’t work

You can’t close your mouth around it completely

Some users say it comes out of their mouth while they’re sleeping

Excess drooling and jaw soreness reported at first