Somnox Sleep Robot

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Somnox Sleep Robot is a digital faceless stuffed animal that has extras. This Sleep Robot has a carbon-dioxide sensor that can track breathing and has an accelerometer that can detect movement plus an audio speaker which can play calming sounds so it also lights up. It is solid and a little heavy but it has a soft fabric shell. You will not feel that it’s big if you’re in bed even if it looks bulky. Also, it has a speaker inside which plays several lullabies that helps you fall asleep fast and sleep longer.

Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep faster

When you feel the breathing rhythm, it can unconsciously influence your breathing rhythm as well. Once you hold this Sleep Robot, it will automatically synchronize your breathing to it. Because of that, it will be easy for you to reach the meditative state of mind that will make you fall asleep easily.

Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep longer

If you let the Sleep Robot synchronized your breathing rhythm you will experience a steady and slower breathing rhythm. One of the best ways that can lower the stress in your body is deep breathing for it will be the one to send the message to your brain and make a command to relax your body. Then, it will give you a good result and that is to have a long sleep at night.

Somnox Sleep Robot will make you feel great again

Somnox Sleep Robot has a great combination of features that give you a goodnight’s sleep and make you feel great on the next day for you feel energized. This Sleep Robot can help you wake up refreshed for several reasons such as it can slow down your breathing, helps you focus your attention and play calming sounds. For sure, you will have a bright day the next day because your mind and body are relaxed throughout the night.

Somnox Sleep Robot has a personalized application

This Sleep Robot has a personalized tailored application that is compatible with Android and iOS. You can freely set the sounds and breathing exercises according to your preferences so also you can create your own breathing exercise or perhaps choose one that you think you’re comfortable of. It has a breathing technique that’s designed for everyone.

Somnox Sleep Robot is the new solution to have a better sleep at night. Many have been using this Sleep Robot for it’s proven safe and very effective even if it’s a little expensive compared to other sleep tech but worth paying for. It helps you calm down and unwind through its breathing regulation. You will feel more relaxed, fall asleep faster and feel energized the entire day, so better buy now to experience the goodnight’s sleep with Somnox Sleep Robot.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Natural treatment for insomnia

Comfortable cotton cover with soft foam layer

Helps regulate breathing for falling asleep faster

Customize breathing rhythms and sounds, or choose from preprogrammed settings


Must be charged for four hours every day