Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Backup

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Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Backup is your best friend. If you find your self struggling to wake your self up every day, this is the right digital alarm clock for you. This digital alarm clock breaks the record for having to produce 113dB compared to the 80dB in the market. If you think 113dB is too overwhelming for you, you can adjust the tone and control the volume so that it can still be fit to your own preference. Apart from this, it can also allow snooze alarm delay from one to 30 minutes. With its bright light might be too beaming for your preference, this digital alarm clock has a dimmer that can be adjusted up to 5 dim levels. In the case of a power shortage in your household during the night without your knowledge, this alarm clock has a battery back up that will save all the settings and alarm time and will still continue to do its task the next morning.

Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Backup wakes you up like no other

No matter how loud the beeping sound is, some people just cannot wake up without people shaking them like crazy to wake up. With this Digital Alarm Clock, it includes a bed shaker that can be placed under your pillow, sheet cover, or even under your mattress and it shakes and vibrates like crazy and will only stop unless you turn the alarm off. This is the revolutionary digital alarm clock for you will not only panic because of the loud beeping tone, but you will also be awake because of the rapid movements happening behind your pillow. This product is sure to wake you up even if you do not really want to.

Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Backup is for the heavy sleepers

Deep and heavy sleep is usually the problem that any alarm clock company targets. With this Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock with Battery Backup, it is sure to solve the problem away! It will not only wake you up from the roaring sound your alarm clock beeps, but also from your pillow shaking like crazy. You do not have to worry if your power runs short for the night for it has a battery back up that keeps digital clock settings in power outage. A bonus for this digital alarm clock is that you get the opportunity to customize this according to your preference. You may choose to adjust the volume of your alarm and adjust the brightness of your digit lights. This is a great investment if you are indeed a heavy sleeper.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Bed Shaker


Adjustable volume

Battery Back up


Overpriced for being made out of plastic