Sony WI-1000X

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Highlights of Sony WI-1000X

You will absolutely look great wherever you want or whatever you do with the premium neckband design of Sony WI-1000X.  This is perfect to use in the office or during a commute. This item is sure to give you excellent sound. It supports Bluetooth codecs such as LDAC and aptX. It has a 10-hour built-in battery with plenty of power for small earphones.

Adaptive Sound Control can automatically detect the activities you do to adjust the ambient settings to provide you the optimal listening experience. If you desire a more personalized listening, the Sony Headphones Connect app is available to customize the device’s settings.

WI-1000X Headphones will also let you experience an audio optimized listening environment that includes outdoor stages, clubs, halls, and arenas where you can feel totally immersed in the music. With the high-resolution audio, you’ll hear the music that is really true to the original recording. This device is also equipped with LDAC Technology that transmits approximately 3x more data than the conventional Bluetooth wireless audio. This audio gives great sound quality to your music to enjoy!

Features and Noise-Cancelling

Sony WI-1000X has an adaptive noise-cancelling with atmospheric pressure, good use if you are on a plane. There is also smart listening that detects your activity and adjusts the sound control. When you are using your headphones while walking, it will still allow you to hear the sounds from your surroundings. When on a travel, it also cuts the background noise. To add on its features, Sony announce to update and upgrade the headphones adding into it Google Assistant that will make WI-1000X smarter.

The Design

Sony WI-1000X has a neckband design, horseshoe-shaped, thinning towards the top of the arch but thicker at the top of the arch. The thick portion covered in plastic houses the internal components and play home to the external controls. Sony products use great variety of materials. Sony WI-1000X’s collar is a thin, curved strip of aluminum that serves as the supporting structure keeping its shape that is easy to put on or take off. A soft padding that covers the arch sits on the back of the neck, making listening more comfortable especially when using it for long periods.

Sony WI-1000X ensures to provide you ear comfort. It provides six extra pairs of ear tips in different sizes, where three are the usual silicone and the other three that are like memory foam. WI-1000X is a proper and premium pair of high-end in-ear headphones. The combination of the colors is also being highlighted in many reviews.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Audiophile wireless sound

Great noise cancellation

Perfect use in office or commute

Great bass and midrange

Premium product and design looks great


Slow Adaptive Sound Control

Either you love or hate the horse collar

No IP rating

The device cannot be used while charging