SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Pack of 3

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SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Pack of 3 is an adjustable baby wrap that has protected hook and loop closures for easy, safe swaddling. Mom can sleep better is the baby is sleeping better too. This swaddle is designed and tested to the babies’ snug, secure and comfortable every night in the entire first year.

In addition, it is a very lightweight and breathable swaddle in hot or cold weather. It allows for super airflow and breathable even in hot seasons so also keep your infant warm and cozy in winter. It can be used as a burpie, burp cloths, nursing blanket, stroller cover or a changing table cover. It is made from the 100% cotton muslin and comes in a big size which measures 47” x 47”. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Pack of 3 helps keep little ones comfy and safe.

Features of SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Pack of 3

This swaddle is recommended to newborn babies from 0-3 months and up to 26 months. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Pack of 3 us made from the softest and natural 100% cotton. Its secure design makes a cozy, womb-like feeling for the infant. It can prevent the baby from startle reflex which can possibly wake your baby. Also, it has soft fabric wings fasten and can be adjusted safely with some hook and loop attachments to produce a perfect fit. Not only that, it has a harness slit that works with most restraints on car seats as well as the sleeper products.

How to use SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Pack of 3

  1. Align the infant’s shoulders with top of an open wrap then tuck the legs inside the leg pocket. After that, open the tab at the top of the leg pocket.
  2. Wrap the left wing over the little one’s torso then tucks under the baby’s opposite arm. Secure the tab to top of the leg pocket.
  3. Place the right-wing over that left and keep safe the opened tabs to fabric patch on the left-wing. The wings must be snug over the infant’s chest. Don’t forget to place the babies on their back in order for them to sleep.

Most moms who have used the SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Pack of 3 are satisfied because it helps their babies sleep better so also with them. Its prints and colors are beautiful and it’s made with quality materials. It is known as the quality swaddle for it’s easy to use and looks gorgeous. Also, it is lightweight which is perfect for warm weather swaddling. It’s better to try SwaddleMe with your little ones to be able to feel the comfort it gives to them as it provides better sleep for you and your baby.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight and breathable blanket

Multiple uses

Great size and price


Not as soft compared to its competitors