Syntus Himalayan Lamp

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Syntus Himalayan Lamp has a compact design. It’s made of pink crystal salt extract that’s handcrafted and designed in a cylindrical shape which makes it unique. Also, this lamp is lightweight as it measures 9 ounces only, you can transport it from one room to another easily. The product is simple and elegant. It has a plain white box lamp and simple two-part products that are encased in it. Its electric plug has a two-pronged head that will be used for the connection into the electrical socket. The cylindrical hand-carved salt crystal that is located on the top of the plug can be taken off or replaced at any time. Take note that salt crystal is not durable, it may crack or break apart if it’s dropped.

Benefits of Syntus Himalayan Lamp

Syntus Himalayan Lamp can be an air purifier that helps removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve the indoor air quality. This lamp can reduce electromagnetic radiation so also airborne infections such as influenza, measles, chickenpox, tuberculosis and more. It can ease asthma and some allergy symptoms. Not only that, it can help you combat depression, anxiety, and stress so also a sleep promoter.

Syntus Himalayan Lamp is a mood booster and sleep promoter

The Himalayan lamp has a warm pinkish color to an orange light of the salt lamp which makes the room calm and happy. It can release negative ions into the air that can help reduce anxiety and encourage a calming atmosphere for slumber. Surely, you’ll have a good night’s sleep with this salt lamp.

Syntus Himalayan Lamp is a great air purification

The Himalaya lamp is salty in its nature and it’s easy to attract water vapor into it. The water vapor usually comes from indoor air pollutants that include allergens, mold, and bacteria. If the water hits the heated lamp, the salt will trap the pollutants then release the water vapor. The salt lamp will leave you a cleaner and healthier air when you remove the pollutants. Because of that, you’ll be free from infectious diseases such as flu, colds and cough as well as allergies.

Syntus Himalayan Lamp is recommended to people who are suffering from a sleep disorder. By using this lamp, you’ll be able to have a goodnight’s sleep as it has great features and designs that can help you relax and calm your mind. It can help you reduce stress and anxiety in which you can obtain from your work, business and more. Better try this sleep tech to have a good sleep and relaxing night.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Wonderfully handcrafted

It is made by local artisans and always come with a natural look

Reasonable price


It drips water in damp areas

It can damage easily