The New Bed Platform Foundation review

Editor rating: 8.5 / 10
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The New Bed Platform Foundation is a great new platform foundation that you should have in your bedroom. If you are ever in search of a bed foundation, the search may be over for you and you are sure to be getting the best one. How many times have you gone to the furniture store and you just cannot pick the right one? There are tons of set bed frames but you are not confident with how sturdy their bed frames are? Or maybe that their bed frameset is just too expensive that you do not need a headboard for your bedroom wall has already a built-in comfy headboard and all you need is just the bed platform itself. You do not want to spend tons of bucks without proper user reviews so you will not be sure if they are true to its claims. The New Bed Platform Foundation is your way to go! This bed platform foundation is the best one that you can have in your bedroom for it is made by 5 little monkeys which are sure to be of great quality that you will regret purchasing!

The New Bed Platform Foundation matches every bedroom

Whatever bedroom design that you have, this is sure to match your bedroom design. You do not need to worry if The New Bed Platform Foundation from 5 little monkeys will not be a great fit for your bedroom for this universal design is sure to be a great match for the aesthetics of your bedroom. Whether you have a built-in headboard in your bedroom wall or a separate headboard, this is sure to match it perfectly without having to notice that they are different pieces assembled together. This is easy to assemble so you do not have to worry about hiring a guy to have this done for you.

The New Bed Platform Foundation provides stable support

Of course, who wants to sleep in a shaky bed that feels like falling down in a minute or two? We all want the maximum strength and support that we could get. Great thing is that The New Bed Platform Foundation provides great and stable support! This is made with high-quality, durable, and non-toxic materials, this will last you long. This is also backed up with a 15-year warranty for that ease of mind for you to be sure that you are getting the most out of your money. You can use this as a platform bed or you can simply remove the legs and use t as a foundation/box spring in a bedroom set. There are versatile uses for this!

Final Verdict

People are beyond satisfied with their purchase of The New Bed Platform Foundation. It is a great addition to their bedroom without having to disrupt the aesthetics of their bedroom design. It is easy and fast to assemble which makes it very convenient especially if you are not looking into hiring someone to assemble it for you. This is also made with high-quality materials so it will be sure that this will last you long!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Versatile Design

Minimalist design

Stable Support

Easy to assemble


May not be for everyone

No color options