The Puffy Royal Mattress Review

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Do you ever wonder how it feels to sleep on a bed that is reserved for royalties? The Puffy Royal Mattress will end you wondering. Designed to be luxurious and royal, this mattress can give you multiple reasons why you should buy it, and that includes its many great features. Being the third bed produced by Puffy, The Puffy Royal Mattress is an all-foam, mattress that uses a mixture of memory foam and polyfoam to create a balanced feel, all in one box.

The Puffy Royal Mattress Design and Features

The Puffy Royal Mattress is 14″ tall mattress with a 1.5-inch cooling layer. It also features five more layers of memory, poly foams, and a zoned support system. The construction is responsible for the balanced feel of comfort and support, something to give the sleeper a guaranteed good experience. The thick mattress allows you to sink in it for a bit of body-contouring and exceptional pressure relief without neglecting spinal support.

The cover of The Puffy Royal Mattress is thick with a polyester feel. It’s easy to maintain as it is removable and can be washed with a machine. Right under that layer is the layer that is responsible for comfort. The comfort layer is made up of memory foam, which has a slow response to pressure to allow some body-contouring and pressure relief for the sleeper. It’s most suited for a side sleeper who wants to avoid feeling stuck up at the shoulder with its gentle vibe. Its infusion of cooling beads also helps dissipate heat and keep it away from the body, keeping the sleeper cool.

Under the comfort layer is a layer of poly foam, equally as soft as the memory foam on top of it, keeping the comfort rolling. Compared to the comfort layer, this layer, however, has a quicker response to pressure. It’s made to establish a good amount of mobility so the sleeper won’t feel stuck in the bed. It’s also responsible for cutting down on motion transfer, mostly applicable if you sleep with someone else on the bed and don’t want to feel each other’s movements during the night. Overall, that layer of The Puffy Royal Mattress has a big point for utility.

Beneath the previous layer is another polyfoam but firmer and with zoned support. It is softer around the shoulders and firmer around the hips, providing pressure relief for the upper body. It also helps keep the hips aligned with the spine for a better sleep posture. The last layer is the base, with another layer of poly foam. This polyfoam is rather firm and high-density though, compared to the other ones. The base layer of The Puffy Royal Mattress mainly provides support for the entire mattress.

Final Verdict

If you’re thinking of buying a mattress with pretty high expectations, The Puffy Royal Mattress might be a good shot. Proven by its features that guarantee you good-quality sleep, the mattress lives up to its name, being called “royal”. The mattress seems quite luxurious as you would think when hearing its name, and you’re not wrong there. It is luxurious. The mattress itself adjusts to the shape of your body with just the right bounce, making it even more likable.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Reduces pressure points

Promotes coolness

Adapts well to body's shape


Not recommended for heavy sleepers