Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile

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Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile is your little one’s new best friend. It is a 3-in-1 machine that can be used from birth to toddler. This is a great investment for it can be used for a long time compared to other toys that are only limited for a few months of use. Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile is a Musical mobile with an overhead canopy projection, a crib music box with ceiling projection, and a charming starry musical night-lamp. It has 3 different musical categories with 9 relaxing tunes and a 30 minutes continuous music. Let your baby enjoy the lights that they can enjoy while they are lying down to their crib or when used as a night lamp. This will help them have a more relaxing sleep.

Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile is for all ages

Designed to be used for all ages from newborn to toddler years. During 0-5 months of your little one, this Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile stands as a musical mobile with an overhead canopy projection. It has an umbrella-like on top of the projector so the light does not go all the way through the ceiling. Since your little one’s vision is quite limited, it is best to see things as near to them as possible without stressing and hurting their eyes. For ages 5-18 months, it serves as a piece of crib music with ceiling projection. With your baby’s better vision signs, you no longer have to put the overhead canopy since they can now see through as far as to your ceiling. It also practices their eyes to see farther than they usually do. For ages 18+ it now serves as a charming starry musical night lamp. Most of the time our little ones cannot sleep in complete darkness for it terrifies them now knowing what’s around them. Thanks to Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile, they no longer have to worry about the darkness while still enjoying a musical night to help them soothe to sleep.

Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile helps your baby to sleep

With its music readily available in the starry night mobile, it has been a big help for parents to soothe their child to sleep with relaxing tunes. Different babies have a different kind of music to play to when they sleep luckily, Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile has 3 music categories with 9 relaxing tunes that are sure to lull your babies to sleep. You no longer have to worry about it not catching your favorite tune for this may have one or even a stronger one that will calm your baby as well. Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile‘s soft lights help your baby to sleep as not all babies appreciate complete darkness so that they could sleep. Most babies would rather sleep with a little light rather than no light at all.

Final Verdict

Mommies are in love with how this is multipurpose. They have bought this for a few years ago and up until now, they still make good use out of it. Tiny Love Starry Night Mobile is a bang in a buck for it can be used for longer times compared to the other projectors they have bought. If your baby enjoys a rhythmic and night light, this is the right product for you and your baby.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It has mobile soother and night light modes to grow with the baby and help the baby sleep

Mobile includes 3 adorable toys and a removable canopy

Plays nine tunes for musical enjoyment up to 30 minutes

Projects moon and star images onto the ceiling or the canopy


Requires 4 batteries

Toys are made of cloth and are difficult to hand wash

Toys do not move or spin