Tooks SPORTEC Headband

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The Tooks SPORTEC Headband Features

 Tooks SPORTEC Headband is a 100% pro stretch, dry-fit audio headphone headband with a 3.5mm headphone plug. It fits all conventional audio products and cellphones. It is available in black, white, and pink and is a great present to family and friends who are into sports activities and who have problems getting asleep without listening to music. It features a built-in removable headphone, ultra-thin microfleece lining with flat-stitch for added comfort, and a superior sound quality.

Tooks SPORTEC Headband is a one size fits all device. The tightness is just enough especially for the average size of the head but still comfortable to wear if the user’s head is bigger than the average.  The speakers of Tooks are made from plastic. Though it is not a noise-canceling device, unwanted noise from the environment can still be reduced. When it comes to price, buying the Tooks SPORTEC BAND is wise because it is quite economical.

The Tooks SPORTEC Headband Benefits

 Facet sleepers would enjoy the benefits of Tooks SPORTEC Headband while listening to songs and audiobooks as this product offers you great comfort and ease when sleeping on your aspect. The headband is also helpful as it doubles up the eyeshade. It is cozy even if you sleep on your side, unlike other headsets that may damage your ears when worn during sleep. Aside from the comfort, it won’t definitely give you pain on your ears and can enjoy a night of good sleep for the whole night while your favorite music is on.

The Tooks SPORTEC Headband

Tooks SPORTEC Headband has a removable headphone so you can wash it anytime you want. This headband is not Bluetooth operated, though there is another version for it. The headphones are slim, a 1/4” inch that makes using it during bedtime more comfortable, though you might feel it if you sleep on your side.

The Tooks SPORTEC Headband Connection Cord

The connection cord of Tooks SPORTEC Headband is four feet long and could be connected to a device with a 3.5mm headphone jack socket. It is important to check your device could be connected with the specs of Tooks before buying. There is no volume adjustment in Tooks headphone, you can directly adjust the volume of your device on the loudness or softness of the sound you prefer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Product is excellent especially for side sleepers

It stays in place during sleep

Easy to use and comfortable

Not too expensive


Only one size for the headband

The speakers are tiny