TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband

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TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband is a fast pairing Bluetooth headband. his wireless Headphone Headband is very easy to pair with any smartphones, tablets, and laptops in seconds. You no longer have to worry about doing your physical workout with this TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband. It saves you from detangling yourself from the annoying wires as you run as this Bluetooth headband sweatband sits perfectly around your head. You do not have to worry about them falling off compared to wireless Bluetooth earphones since most of them are not comfortable to wear especially during workouts. You’ll get two products in one with this product as you will be able to get a sweatband and also a Bluetooth headband with you during your heaviest workouts.

TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband your hands-free partner

Answer your calls, control your music, be hands-free with this product. Be able to listen to your music wirelessly without hurting your ears. No need to plug in your earplugs and get tangled with its wires that might interfere with your morning run with this TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband. You can control your music using the control panel on the left earpiece. You may choose to answer and hang up any phone call, control the volume of your music, and switch from one song to another with this product. It has an extra-long playing time compared to other Bluetooth headphones that only last for about 2 hours. With TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband, music lasts for 8 hours straight! It also charges fast for around 1-2 hours using an included micro-USB cable. With this, you no longer have to worry about your battery being used up and be able to take longer workouts with the music still on your ears.

TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband can help you to sleep better

With this product being a Bluetooth headband and sweatband at the same time, it also has a noise-canceling feature that helps you to answer your calls seamlessly without worrying about the outside noise that might interfere with your call. With its seamless connectivity, since it features a CD-like crystal clear sound for music with CVC noise cancellation, you can wear this to your sleep. You may use this as to play a sleep app music to help you sleep better and to mute the outside world you want to get rid of. If you have a loud snoring partner, wearing this TOPPLE Bluetooth Headband Sweatband will help you fall asleep for it cancels out the noise outside your headband. It is safe and comfortable to use as you sleep.

Final Verdict

Many customers are satisfied with using this product and would consider repurchasing a ton of this as a gift for their beloved family and friends for it has helped them with their daily workouts by taking hands-free calls and listening to good quality music wirelessly without it running of juice immediately. They are impressed with the quality of the sound it produces and how it has minimal to zero delays with transferring the music wirelessly. If you enjoy a workout and want to get rid of sweat while still being able to listen to your music seamlessly, this is the right product for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Wireless Headphone

Control Panel

Noise-canceling feature

Long battery life



May be too hot to use

Preferred to be used on colder days

Earbuds may move