Tree Napper blanket Review

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Tree Napper blanket is the comfiest blanket that you should have at your home! Do you remember as a kid that you always have your favorite blanket that you just cannot sleep without it or it feels kind of funny sleeping with a different blanket? It is because that certain blanket has brought you comfort and coziness feeling that you needed as a child. Let us bring back those cozy nights and well-rested sleep with the use of a great and cozy blanket like Tree Napper blanket. This blanket will be your new best friend as you sleep peacefully at night. Ir partners up with any mattress and pillowcase pattern to make it more Scandinavian feels. You can also use this as a throw blanket that you could snuggle up with on cold winter nights as you read a book and drink your favorite hot milk. Moreover, you can absolutely use this as you snuggle up when you finally decided to hit the hay. This will match any look in your bedroom for this has multiple colors that you can freely choose from.

Tree Napper blanket has great features

15, 20, or 25 pounds. Feel free to choose which one will be the best fit for you. With tons of color that you could choose from, it is sure to match your bedroom or your living room perfectly. The Tree Napper blanket has an evenly dispensed weight that releases natural hormones to help you be relaxed, calm, and have a great night of sleep. This blanket makes your body to have reduced cortisol that lowers stress and anxiety. You are sure to be having the sleep of a lifetime with this blanket as you will be put into a great mood plus a comfortable blanket. You would never want to leave your bed.

Tree Napper blanket keeps you cool as you sleep

Finally! A blanket that is particularly designed for those hot sleepers who just cannot find any coolness in any blanket that they have come across with. The Tree Napper blanket keeps hot sleepers cool. This has layers of soft and breathable TENCEL that are a great help in keeping your sleep cool all throughout the night. This is also equipped with Tree Napper which is full of incredible, scientifically proven benefits, both for you and the planet. This has no fillers, is vegan, and is biodegradable both on land and water so you are owing both you and the earth a favor.

Final Verdict

If you love sleep and would love to sleep as cool as you can be without having to expose your whole body into the thin air, the Tree Napper blanket is your way to go. This blanket is fully hand-knitted with love and is machine washable so you do not have to worry about cleaning it given of its weight and quality. If you want to sleep in a silky-soft and cooling blanket, you will never have to sleep in hot temperatures ever again and you will be sleeping like a baby all calm and relaxed.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Cooling blanket


Even distributed weight

Machine washable


No other size options


Not ideal for traveling