Twinlab Vit D3 1000 and K2 DOTS, 60 CT

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As we all know, sleeping is important. Unfortunately, not all individuals have enough sleep at night due to several reasons such as stress, anxiety, or experiencing sleeping disorders or insomnia. Because of that, many companies wanted to help and provided some sleep supplements that can help them fall asleep faster and deeper. Twinlab made Twinlab Vit D3 1000 and K2 DOTS, 60 CT for their customers who are having sleep problems.

History of Twinlab
Twinlab has been in the industry for nearly thirty years. Their only objective is to be able to bring the products which are based on the recent science plus manufactured to the high-level standards of pharmaceutical. Twinlab’s products include vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition, special formula, and amino acids.

Twinlab Vit D3 1000 and K2 DOTS, 60 CT promotes a long term bone health

Twinlab Vit D3 1000 and K2 DOTS, 60 CT has Vitamins D3 and K2 that are essential vitamins that can help maintain proper bone health. Vitamin D3 is a type of Vitamin D that provides sunshine. Vitamin K2 is an essential
fat-soluble vitamin. When you combine these two vitamins, they can help improve your bone strength, promotes healthy blood vessels, and support optimal health. It’s better to dissolve the Vitamin D3 Plus Vitamin K2 on your tongue before you swallow it.

In addition, Vitamin D3 is a type of Vitamin D in which your body produces naturally if it is exposed to sunlight, also consumed by diet or supplementation. It’s an essential fat-soluble vitamin on which the responsibility is to absorb the calcium into our body so also promote a healthy immune function. Do you know that Calcium is one of the most important nutrients that can be found in our body but without Vitamin D3, it will absorb or distribute into our bones? Also, Vitamin D3 can be a natural anti-inflammatory, helps you look young and support your heart health. D3 is in Twinlab Vit D3 1000 and K2 DOTS, 60 CT.

Twinlab Vit D3 1000 and K2 DOTS, 60 CT has Vitamin K2 that is derived from soy or menaquinone. If you consumed it the two proteins in your body will activate that can help maintain bone health and improve the nervous system function. This vitamin is usually found in the soft tissues of our hearts as well as in our bones. If Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 will be combined carefully, it can help increase the calcium absorption in the entire body and slow the aging effects.

Final Verdict

Twinlab Vit D3 1000 and K2 DOTS, 60 CT is a diet supplement and at the same time a sleep supplement. It contains Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 that can help to maintain your bones healthy and improve the function of your nervous system. This supplement can increase the absorption of calcium in our body plus slow the effects of aging. Many users are satisfied with this supplement because it’s safe and effective. So, better get one now!


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Micro-tablets are easy to dissolve in the mouth

Several health benefits

It has high-performance compounds


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