VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights

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The Benefits of Night Lights for Kids

Night lights are beneficial to kids and parents. As its main function, it emits a soft glow that illuminates the surroundings. VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights give dim, non-invasive lighting that allows parents to check on their kids without waking them up. Using a night light means lesser cost than using a ceiling light. Leaving your night light in longer hours still allows you to save on your electricity bill. Night lights are known to many practical uses such as a comfort to kids and young children who are not comfortable or afraid of the dark, it aids the parents while checking their baby through illuminating the environment, night lights prevent your little kids from crying when he or she wakes up in the middle of the night, and a helpful light when you need to change diapers.

The VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights for Nursing Mothers

Mothers have spoken out that VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights was great for night breastfeeding. It has simple one-hand touch controls so you can operate it while holding your baby. If you have been struggling to see when feeding your baby, or if night light is bright enough for you to see what you are doing, but not too bright that it tricks your body into thinking it is day time. Nighttime feedings can be tricky on its own, but having subtle light can help make the process a little bit easier.

The Features of VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights

VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights actually has a feature called feeding mode that causes the light to brighten just enough for you to see your baby and nurse or bottle feed, without waking the both of you up too much. This light can also be put into timer mode if you are hoping to use this to provide your little one just enough light before he or she drifts off to sleep. Aside from the soothing light it provides, this night light has 20 cute expression stickers to give more fun. VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights has an eye-caring feature through its LED light that creates a uniform non-flickering light that won’t hurt your eyes. You can adjust the color to either a white or warm white.

How To Use VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights

VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights has an easy touch-control nursery light designed to allow your kids to learn and play. When you touch the top, it dims, when you touch the logo, the color of the light could be adjusted, and when you double-tap the top part of this night light, it turns off. You can use this lamp for up to 80 hours, great light for mothers during breastfeeding. This night light is IP65 waterproof and portable that you can bring anywhere even on outdoor activities such as family hiking, camping, adventure trip, and camping.

Using A Night Light in Other Ways

Aside from using VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights to help parents check on their kids without waking them up and assisting moms on their breastfeeding journey, using a night light is a good way to set the mood, a good light for bedroom stories, and an important lamp on your outdoor adventures.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It has a convenient charging base

You will enjoy its one-hour timer

Great for both indoor and outdoor use

It's able to provide increased brightness for outdoor use


Some users reported their product could not hold a charge

It only comes with USB cable, no wall outlet