VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask Review

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VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask is a fantastic mask that you should have for you will be protected all the time. For obvious reasons, we believe that you are all fully aware of the Coronavirus pandemic. The virus has affected the whole world today and it is not getting good. Some countries are having higher rates day by day, some are almost flattening the curve, and luckily for some countries, they were finally able to be free form the virus and can now live a normal life as it had never happened. CDC has advised everyone to always wear a face mask especially when you are heading outside because you will never know who you might bump into. They might be a COVID positive and they are asymptomatic and might be showering you with COVID droplets and you do not have any face masks on, it might have direct access to your body through your nose and your mouth. The VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask would be a great help in keeping those possibilities less to none. A handy face mask is all you need especially when there is a pandemic happening in the world right now.

VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask has amazing features

VTER pack of 5 face masks are made of high-quality knitted cotton fabric, the stitches are neat and firm, offering excellent permeability, soft texture, comfortable, safe for face skin and breathable. The soft fabric is used for the ear cords which don’t hurt ears even if worn for a long time. The simple design fits the contour combine with stretchable material makes it fit most of the face sizes. The VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask uses a soft and stretchable fabric that helps adheres along the face, reduces the gap to block dust invasion. High grade 2 layers cloth made by knitted cotton has good breathability, easy breathing, and features such as windproof, sweat-absorbing, and pollen, dust collection efficiency. Sweat absorbing helps prevent fogging up glasses without needing a valve filter.

VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask will keep you protected

VTER face mask made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton offering washable ability without damaging the mask’s form. Most of the dust, pollen, air particles can be flushed out after washing with cold water and mask can use repeatedly up to 30 times. The dust face masks are designed for multiple purposes: running, cycling, woodworking, painting, gardening, and other outdoor sports.

How to wash the VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask:

– Put the mask in soap diluted with warm freshwater.

– Gently knead, rinse and dry for a few hours.

– Please do not soak in water for a long time and do not bleach, iron or dry, so as not to cause mask distortion and reduce the filtration effectiveness.

Final Verdict

The VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask is a great option especially if you are looking for a washable face mask that you could wear. If you are one of those people who finds satisfaction that their stuff is thoroughly clean unless they clean it themselves, then this is the best option for you. The VTER Cotton Face Breathing Mask will be your best choice for it will protect you as you need to be protected.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Pack of 5

Made with Cotton



Does not have a pocket filter

No other color options

May be too big for some