Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones

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The Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones Design

Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones are rugged and weather-proof. It is available in gray and black. It is compact, low profile, and has an ergonomic design. Westone Alpha Adventure earphones are comfortable to wear even for hours that you might forget you are wearing them. The silicone and comfort foam ear-tips enhance the performance of the earphones giving you sure poise isolation and a great fit. You will also get ten total pairs of each ear tips in different sizes where half are silicone tips and half are foam tips. The cable has a rubberized portion that is attached to each earpiece and loops behind the upper part of the ears. There is also a waterproof remote control volume for the playback, track navigation, and answering phone calls. The cable of Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones has a nylon reflective coating that makes it easier for the user to remove the earpieces. The reflective and replaceable cable also features a 3-button control system and microphone that are both perfect when you are on the go. Considering the quality of the cable of your earphones is wise because cables are usually one that fails over other parts. Buying an earphone with a high-quality cable will make you save more money. When you buy this item, you will also get an earwax cleaning tool, a shirt-clip, and a screw-shut hard-shell storage case.

The Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones Performance

Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones promises intense sub-bass content and deep lows with clarity. On a more moderate level, the sub-bass response punch nicely and the frequency range is balanced out. When it comes to detail, depth, and dynamic expression, Alpha is known to purvey it powerfully. It is also excellent in the entrance of instruments that provide you smooth crescendos that seems to swell like the glow of lights seen in the stage. The bass is great! It is thick, smooth and balmy. The Alpha displays the wild vocal and instrumental effects and spread the production across the stereo image. The details such as room resonance, cymbal sustain, and background chatter are present and the guitars and vocals have a keen precision.

When listening to a piece of classic rock music, the bass will perfectly impress you with the lower instrumentation. The wide stereo image is more pronounced because of the fine detail of the upper register. On the other hand, when listening to your favorite hip-hop and electronic tracks, Westone Alpha Adventure easily reveals the heaviest depths and groove. Many product reviewers also admire the unveiling of soft whispers and sonic details. These two are usually not a priority by other earphones, but Westone highlights it.

The Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones IOX Weather Resistance

Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones are designed with IPX resistance rating ready to back-up adventure-ready marketing. It provides protection against spraying water, sweat, and other adverse conditions during your adventure trips and activities. You definitely need not worry about wet conditions as you can still enjoy your music more.

The Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones Box Inclusions

When you buy a Westone Alpha Adventure Earphones, included in the box are crush resistant travel case, five sizes of Patented STAR Silicone and five sizes of true-fit foam in assorted ear tips and an inline volume attenuator and wax loop for cleaning.

Editor's Pros & Cons

It has a powerful audio performance with no distortion and deep bass response

Durable and outdoor-ready design

It is removable and replaceable cable

With inline remote control and mic


These earphones could use a bit more high-mid presence

It is priced a little high compared to fitness earphone competition