Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

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Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is the best alternative for individuals who do not want to wear a sleep tracking device but still, they would like to monitor their sleep. This device is very easy to use for once it is set up, it does not need any human involvement. The date that has been gathered by this device is perceptive plus it can help improve sleep quality. Worry no more about the battery life of this pad because it’s plugged directly into the power outlet. However, it is designed for just one user and it may provide inaccurate information if the user will share the bed with their partner. One more downside about this sleep tracker device is that the features are limited compared to the wrist-worn fitness tracker as it does not limit themselves from monitoring a sleep.

In addition, Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is a non-wearable sleep tracker which is offering a sleep cycle analysis, heart rate and it can detect snore. This device is easy to set up and it will automatically sync to the Health Mate up via Wi-Fi. It has great features like IFTT integrations for a situation that includes dimming of lights if you’re about going to bed or perhaps turn the thermostat when you woke up.

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is easy to set up

Just simply plugged it so just have a socket that is close to your bed. Its cable is long that’s enough but you need an extension cord if the power outlet is far from your bed. The tracker pad must be placed in the right place in which your heart is there if you really want the best results. Take note that it may possibly take a few tries to be able to get the perfect location. Don’t put the sleep tracker pad under your head or at the bottom of your bed.

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is only for one person

This sleep tracker pad is designed for one person only, so there will be a problem if you sleep with your partner. Be sure that the placement of the pad is in the right place for it might unintentionally detect the heart rate of the one sharing bed. However, for travelers, it is not advisable to bring this pad with you.

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad has great performance

This pad can provide you the information such as how much light, deep and REM sleep you can get every night. Then, after the combination of the information, it provides you an overall sleep score that is calculated based on the total hours you sleep so also the time you spent for restoration. You see the right percentages the sleep phases together with the recommended length for each phase. It shows you the results and advises you on how to improve your sleep score. Not only that it can monitor the time you snore and how long it was.

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Nice design

Easy to use



The designed is for just one user

The features are limited