Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

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The Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch is a hybrid smartwatch or fitness watch. It does not look like the usual fitness watch or activity tracker or smartwatch but this watch has several smartwatch features that you’ll love to have. It’s similar to a traditional analog watch that has a minute and hour hand but it has a small circular OLED display on its face wherein you can see your fitness and notifications.

Design of Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch has a classic circular face with some harsh marks around the edges that mark the hours, two hands plus the button on its side. Whenever you look at the watch face closely, you’ll see a few extra features. There’s a small round dial that has its own small hand and hash-marks counting up to 100% at 6 o’clock. It means you can see how close you are to achieve the fitness goals that you set up in the companion smartphone app, Withings HealthMate (iOS and Android). At 12 o’clock, there’s a tiny, round digital screen on its watch face that will turn on if you press the button on its side of the watch. On this tiny screen, you’ll be able to see the date, time, metrics plus the notifications that you set up on it. Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch screen that uses a display technology called OLED makes it apart from other hybrid watches and makes it very close to a true smartwatch. This smartwatch is a perfect mix of technology and style because it’s not big, geeky and it does not have an overly techy look.

Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch has a silicone strap but you can choose a leather strap or metal band too if you want. It has 12 different band colors to choose from: four leather straps, seven silicone straps, and one metal Milanese strap. Its band uses a pin mechanism in order to snap in and out of the watch casing. Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch has two color and size options, it can be rose gold or silver in 36mm or 40mm sizes when it comes to watch casing. Its watch face color can be black or white, it may depend on your preference. Also, it is water-resistant up to 164 feet or 50 meters which means this watch can be used while swimming in the pool or beach.

Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch has Health Mate App

If you will set up the watch in the Health Mate app, you’re free to customize which app notifications will display on the OLED display so also the order of the different metrics that will display on your watch if you press the crown. However, there’s a missing option that will turn on the OLED display with the flick of your wrist.

Moreover, you will see how many steps you walk every day because there’s a graph showing when you walk, the total distance you walk for that day or week, the calories burned and heart rate. Also, you can drill down the heart rate information that displays your average heart rate on that day, on the night while you are sleeping and how long your heart rate in different zones. When you wear Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch while you’re sleeping, it will automatically record your sleep data. This app knows when you fall asleep, duration of your sleep, sleep interruptions and sleep score, it’s a high-level sore of how well you sleep at night. You’ll be able to use the data to determine if there’s a need for adjustment to improve your sleep score so that you have full energy each day.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Nice design

Heart rate monitor

Good activity and workout tracking

Silent alarm

Multiple color options and finishes



Leather bands cost extra