Yamay Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch

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Designs and Features of Yamay Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch

Individuals can find all the functions that they want to see in a fitness tracker. Yamay Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch has a colored screen that is easy to read. Also, it’s IP68 waterproof which implies that it can be used while you’re swimming in the pool. Its wristbands have different colors for you to choose from and it’s affordable. This watch can track up to fourteen sports which is perfect for everybody. Not only that, it can monitor the heart rate so also the sleep for it has a multi-functional design. You can receive all the alerts or notifications from the social media as long as you do the activities continually. The battery can be used for a long time and it has one-year warranty.

Yamay Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch can be connected to your phone then sync all your information. This tracker is easy to operate just like the sleep tracker which will break down your sleeping time and you will know how deep is your sleep. Also, it can track your daily activity, steps, calories so also the miles walked.

This tracker is compatible to VeryFitPro app and it’s available on the App store for Apple and Android smartphone users. Yamay Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch can track the measurements in the entire day and synced to other apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health in order to keep all the data in one place. Its app is convenient and can track the steps, distance, route, calories burned, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor plus the alarm clock. By using these features, it can help your app evaluate your location. VeryFitPro has an online community wherein you can share your results then do some comparisons with others and participate in several competitions. It’s the idea tool so that you will be motivated thru your health and fitness.

Furthermore, Yamay Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch can alsomonitor your sleep cycles and it can detect your sleep automatically. Whenever you wake up in midnight, it will reflect in your data that you are having a break. However, it won’t record if your sleep data is less than 4 hours. If you’re completely asleep then it will start recording the data. Also, it can determine the time you spend awake, asleep, deep sleep so also the overall sleep quality every night.

Final Verdict

If you are planning of investing a tracker that will provide your want and need, Yamay Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch is recommended for you. It can track your blood pressure, heart rate, steps, distance, speed, sleep patterns and calories which means it comes in one package. You can wear it anywhere you go even when showering and swimming for it’s water-resistant. Its price is affordable so everyone can afford to purchase this watch and guarantees satisfaction. Try and get it now!

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