Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame

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Most individuals are looking forward for a bed that can provide good sleep to them. Some might choose the bed made from wood and others prefer metal bed frame, it’s because of the sturdiness that will last for a long time. Zinus manufactured Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame and it’s becoming popular due to its elegant design and great features.

Designs and Features of Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame is easy to assemble and move if it’s needed. Its durable construction provides a sufficient support to any type of mattress. However, the slats have small space compared to other models. If you want to an additional slat, it’s very easy to add it but only when you need it. Its mattress can sit flat on the top of the slats but there isn’t slippage recorder since the slats can provide enough friction to keep this metal bed frame moving.

The mattress that sits fourteen inches from the floor that has full of twelve inches of floor to bed approval which makes it a perfect option for storage or a wheel bed addition. The metal headboard completed the total appearance. However, whenever you decide to use the box spring, it will probably cover the whole of it since it can only stand up to 50 inches tall.

The legs of Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame can slide easily especially if the floor is smooth. It is also considered an inflexible bed frame for certain night-time activities. Notwithstanding, this bed frame have 450-pound weight that limits for the twin. There are some complaints that occur which concerns the overall firmness with heavyweight bodies on the bigger sized beds.

Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame is 14 inches high that has 12 inches of clearance that is under the frame for several under bed storage space. There’s a foam padded tape added to the steel frame so that it will be noise-free and has non-slip tape on its wooden slats to prevent the mattress from moving.

Final Verdict

Many people preferred metal bed frame as it is suitable to any mattresses. Zinus Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame is one the leading bed frame available in the market today. It is easy to assemble but be sure that the numbers or arrows should match to all corners and holes that are aligned. The headboard and frame have great combination for stylish mattress support. So, if you are planning of shifting to metal bed frame then look for Zinus metal bed frame.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Simple design

Easy to assemble


5 year warranty


Frame construction have issues